Bio-Hacking and HBOT

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for Bio-hacking

Bio-Hacking: Tap into your health’s full potential with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The decision to purchase a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber for personal use is definitely going to change your life for the better. HBOT is becoming a multipurpose tool and a big game-changer for people looking for effective recovery after various illnesses, recovery after sports performance, or a wellness tool to enhance their health levels.

When you design a health protocol aimed at bio-hacking your body for systemic benefits, it’s a wise idea to consider the therapeutic effects of oxygen under pressure. The main mission in bio-hacking is to optimize human performance, health, and well-being using integrative methods that bring together science, technology, biology (human physiology) and nutrition. In practice, if you can design the right balance for your life in terms of sleep, nutrition, body exercise, work, personal development and mindfulness, your body will thank you. More than trying to overhaul your life 360 degrees, the purpose of bio-hacking is to implement the 20% upgrades that will bring you 80% of the necessary results. In terms of efficiency, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is part of that 20% that can make all the difference.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is one of the few non-invasive therapies that can deliver practical, evidence-based results to improve your health, optimize body and mind performance and help you age beautifully. HBOT is the winning combination of breathing oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber. Sea level pressure is defined as 1 ATA (atmosphere absolute).
The deeper a diver goes beneath the surface of the sea, the more pressure will be created because water is very heavy.
What HBOT does is simulate underwater diving conditions inside the hyperbaric chamber and diffuse more oxygen gas into the blood while the body is under pressure. The oxygen becomes liquid because of Henry’s Law, a physics law that states that the more pressure that is exerted on a gas, the more that gas will go from gaseous to liquid form.


HBOT is used as foundational practice for multiple health objectives

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for Bio-hacking

Your red blood cells will be very happy for extra oxygen

Red blood cells (RBC) are blood cells that carry and deliver oxygen to the brain, organs and other tissues. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a protein molecule that binds up to four oxygen molecules at each subunit with the help of iron. The body has a certain amount of red blood cells, so under normal conditions, it is limited in the amount of oxygen it can deliver.

When the oxygen-carrying capacity is compromised, the body can’t generate sufficient energy and this can lead to fatigue, brain fog, cold extremities, chronic infections, severe acute infections and plenty of very unpleasant issues.

The focus of HBOT is to infuse massive amounts of unbound liquid oxygen directly into the plasma by increasing atmospheric pressure to harness the impressive oxygen-carrying potential of red blood cells to reach every injury site in the body.



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for Bio-hacking

HBOT enhances the metabolism of energy

Oxygen is the molecule in charge of making ATP, the body’s cellular energy resource. ATP is developed in the mitochondria when oxygen receives an electron from the electron transport chain, forming water in the process. Without oxygen, ATP levels drop rapidly and body systems start to fail. Oxygen is the necessary requirement to make ATP, or energy for any process within the human body.

When the cells start receiving more oxygen in HBOT sessions, they create more energy and increase the flow of all bodily fluids, improving blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid flow, lymphatic flow (helping with detoxification), stem cell activation within the brain, oxygenating cells and tissues, up-regulating the immune system, reversing hypoxia, fighting infections and many other benefits.



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for Bio-hacking

HBOT is one of the most synergistic complementary treatments to accelerate recovery and overall health maintenance

It’s often used to address complications of radiation therapy for holistic cancer treatment, showing great promise sustaining the body for chemotherapy, radiation, or doing a ketogenic diet. Given that HBOT can stimulate the massive release of endogenous stem cells, HBOT pre-treatment prior to stem cell harvesting procedures is becoming available.

Oxygen under pressure is a trending practice for bio-hacking, please mind some precautions. If your mission is to sustain simple HBOT protocols for home use, an inflatable chamber is what you need to use. Before you start using the chamber, you need to evaluate your ability to undergo HBOT and seek professional expertize from a doctor. If there are any health risks involved for you, it’s safer not to start HBOT. If everything is safe and you’re qualified for HBOT, there are several health improvements for which HBOT has proved very helpful.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for Bio-hacking

HBOT benefits used in bio-hacking

  • Cardiac optimization: HBOT protocols can optimize blood flow for maximum oxygen-carrying capacity.
  • Work out recovery: Oxygen-infused blood will travel around the body and help the lymphatic system with detox.
  • Injury Recovery: HBOT delivers more oxygen to tissue, decreases inflammation, decreases swelling, releases massive amounts of stem cells.
  • Vasoconstriction agent: When acute trauma happens, HBOT can help blood vessels constrict to prevent leakage from injured vessels, in order to decrease swelling and inflammation in the surrounding tissue. Sometimes, decreasing the swelling (like on the brain in the case of TBI) can save your life.


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AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System effectively enhances body and mind vitality

The AHA Fit 20 hyperbaric chamber, the essential part of AHA Wellness System is the world’s strongest inflatable hyperbaric chamber, designed with a patented three-layer system that can withstand pressures up to 3.0 ATA.

Designed for efficient, user-friendly and safe HBOT treatments it is made with exquisite, non-oxidizing materials and hand-made production, and features 6 high-strength acrylic windows and a diameter of 85cm. This award-winning chamber has 26 patented solutions that deliver an unparalleled hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.



AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System

AHA Hyperbarics

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