AHA Knowledge: AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Operator L3 - Medicine
For medical
Advanced HBOT
knowledge and practice
to prove expertise

AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Level 3 (HCO L3)


Intended for medical personnel that will use AHA Hyperbaric Medical System

This training will provide necessary knowledge and skills for users of AHA Hyperbarics Medical System:

  • advance your professional knowledge of HBOT treatments and how to apply them
  • enable you to use your system with highest level of expected professionalism

Tailor-made world-class training for medical use of AHA Hyperbaric Medical System

The training program effectively enhances the skills of medical personnel who will be delivering HBOT treatments, by providing them with a thorough understanding of the physics, physiology, client care, equipment engineering, maintenance, and proper use of your AHA Hyperbaric Medical System.

Comprehensive theory lessons for medical professionals

The theory part consists of self-paced e-learning and in-person training with AHA Hyperbarics instructors:

  • An overview of hyperbaric therapy
  • Physics and physiology in a hyperbaric environment (physics of gases, primary and secondary effects of pressure)
  • Oxygen handling (oxygen pathophysiology, oxygen toxicity)
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Medical conditions and protocols for hyperbaric chamber use (determining and relating dosages)
  • Possible issues and preventive measures
  • Patient handling
  • Working with your AHA Hyperbarics System (chamber equipment and accessories, chamber safety)

In-person practical training with your AHA Hyperbaric Medical System

  • You will be able to practice how to use your AHA Hyperbaric Medical System.
  • We will assist you by guiding you through and supervising your independent treatments with your AHA Hyperbaric Medical System, verifiable by hyperbaric treatment logs (at least 4 treatments).


Providing medical personnel with the required certification

Your AHA Hyperbaric Medical System is uniquely designed to deliver highly efficient HBOT medical treatments. This training program aims to equip medical personnel with all the necessary certifications required for the proper medical usage of your system. To demonstrate their acquired expertise, we have developed the following three assessments:

  • Exams:
    • Theory: each participant has to complete a written exam with a minimum passing grade of 85%.
    • Practice: each participant has to complete a practice test while working with the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Certification: Upon completion of this training you will gain a certificate and a wall diploma.
  • Certification renewal: Proficiency for HCO L3 training must be renewed every two (2) years.
AHA Knowledge - E-learning course


E-learning: HBOT & AHA fundamentals

To make the first steps into HBOT and AHA Knowledge easier we have designed e-learning course, to provide our clients with the essential theoretical training, that covers all basic concepts of HBOT and AHA technologies before proceeding to practical training.

To access this valuable training, you need a user name and password you receive upon purchasing AHA Hyperbarics chamber.


HBOT Science - AHA Knowledge


HBOT is a simple treatment and a complex science

Start your HBOT education today. At AHA Hyperbarics, we are passionate about making hyperbaric oxygen therapy approachable for everyone. Our world-class experts in HBOT are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.