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AHA Treatment Essentials

Maximize treatment effectiveness and prolong the longevity of your AHA Hyperbaric System

AHA Treatment Essentials are specifically designed to work seamlessly with your AHA Hyperbaric System. Our goal is to ensure that every hyperbaric oxygen therapy session you deliver with our solutions is highly effective, user-friendly and safe. As we manufacture powerful engines, we pay close attention to every detail incorporated in AHA Hyperbaric System ensuring the longevity of your devices. You can trust that our attention to detail guarantees the durability and reliability of your equipment.


By using AHA Treatment Essentials, you will be able to:

  • Maximize the amount of oxygen delivered to our clients, providing targeted and effective treatments
  • Ensure highest safety of your treatments
  • Establish comfort for your clients
  • Sustain the cleanliness and hygiene of your AHA Hyperbaric System
AHA Treatment Essentials: AHA Oxygen Breathing Mask

AHA Oxygen Breathing Mask with a 2l Reservoir Bag

You can achieve an impressive 100% efficiency by combining AHA non-rebreather (NRB) masks with AHA Hyperbaric Chamber set and AHA Oxygen Concentrators. This combination surpasses other masks that typically deliver only 90% oxygen. We have accomplished this by incorporating non-return valves and a 2-liter reservoir bag, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery regardless of the user’s breathing depth. With this innovative setup, you can experience unparalleled efficiency and maximize the effectiveness of oxygen therapy.

Our breathing masks are highly ergonomic and made in various sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults.

This mask are compatible with AHA Fit chamber that is the elementary part of AHA Wellness System and AHA Home System.

AHA Silicone Oxygen Mask - small

AHA Silicone Oxygen Mask, reusable

The mask is designed specifically for AHA Medical System and for the medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy in medical facilities.

You can achieve an impressive 100% efficiency by combining AHA Silicone Oxygen Masks with AHA Hyperbaric Chamber set and AHA Oxygen Concentrators. This combination surpasses other masks that typically deliver only 90% oxygen.

This mask has the advantage of being autoclavable, which means they can be sterilized and reused multiple times. With the ability to withstand autoclaving at 134°C, AHA Silicone Oxygen Mask ensures a safe and hygienic oxygen delivery system.

The masks is highly ergonomic and made in various sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults.

AHA Treatment Essentials: AHA Complete Textile set

AHA Textile Essentials

To ensure the utmost safety in HBOT sessions, it is essential to prevent electrostatic changes within the hyperbaric chamber. This can be achieved by using certified 100% cotton textiles specifically designed for hyperbaric environments. It is imperative to utilize these textiles during all HBOT sessions conducted in any hyperbaric chamber.

All AHA Textile Essentials are made and sewn with specially selected 100% cotton, with certificates and declarations of conformity for cotton materials under the Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC). All AHA textile essentials have a completed Electrostatic verification for cotton materials, which verifies that our cotton materials are electrostatic dissipative and do not generate an electrostatic charge.

AHA Textile Essentials include all textiles used in AHA Hyperbarics Chambers: Set of clothing in various sizes, Fitted sheet, Blanket, Pillow, Pillow case, Cloths. You can purchase the entire set or just selected items.

AHA Treatment Essentials: Cleaning and Disinfection Set

Cleaning and Disinfection Set

Our cleaning accessories are critical for maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the AHA Hyperbaric Chambers, helping to prevent the spread of infection and ensure the safety of patients and staff.

The cleaning accessories are of the highest quality and have a delightfully pleasant smell. Do not contain alcohol.

One cleaning set includes a cleaning and disinfectant spray 500 ml (1 pc) and cleaning and disinfectant wipes 1/100 (1 pc).

AHA Hyperbarics - Blue spacer

Blue spacer

Designed for airing the chamber the blue spacer is essential for the user experience of individual HBOT treatments:

  • assures fresh air
  • ensures pleasant smell
  • contributes to hygiene

Protective cover for AHA Hyperbaric Chamber

The chamber cover serves to shield the chamber from airborne dust and other impurities, ensuring its cleanliness when the AHA Hyperbarics System is not operating.

The cover is made of a special lightweight material that is easy to clean and store.

AHA Calibrated Stopwatch

A calibrated stopwatch

The stopwatch in calibrated for accurate measurement of treatment time.

The device is essential for correct timing and therefor correct dosing the HBOT treatment.

AHA Treatment Essentials: Bluetooth headset

Expand Bluetooth headset

The device is a great tool that enables communication between the operator and the client: especially in cases when the client needs this communication to make the treatment more user-friendly.

The device can also be used to listen to voice media (music, podcasts, radio) that can make the treatment more pleasant.

AHA Treatment Essentials: Ozone generator

Ozone generator

The device effectively removes bacteria and viruses in the facility where the AHA Hyperbaric System is installed.

Accessories can reveal the effectiveness of a hyperbaric system you’re buying.

When you are investing in a hyperbaric chamber, pay attention to the accessories you are offered and observe the manufacturer’s attention to these essential components of highly effective HBOT solutions. Sometimes, you can identify a truly effective hyperbaric chamber from an ineffective one just by the accessories that come with the entire HBOT solution.


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AHA Treatment Essentials are a part of AHA Hyperbaric Systems tailor made for our clients

When you invest in AHA Hyperbaric System we will provide you with a highly powerful HBOT solution that answers your needs. We design custom AHA Hyperbaric Solutions for each of our clients, addressing their unique requirements for either medical, wellness, or personal purposes.

All AHA Hyperbaric Solutions consist of AHA Hyperbaric System, the technological infrastructure needed for HBOT, and AHA Knowledge transfer services to provide our clients with expertise to deliver HBOT treatments properly with their system.

Certified for 7 medical indications
AHA Hyperbaric Medical System - CE01234

Medical System

Our certified devices meet all necessary standards for safe and effective use in medical settings, distinguishing it as a leading choice among hyperbaric chambers worldwide.

Perfect HBOT solution for boosting vitality
AHA Wellness or Home system - Fit

Wellness System

This unique system has 26 patented solutions that contribute to unparalleled experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy: both for the chamber operator as well as the end (treatment) user.