AHA Wellness System
hyperbaric chamber
35 kg
1.6 - 2.0 ata
chamber pressure
oxygen compatible
39.880,00 €
chamber indicative price

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System is distingushed as a leading choice among hyperbaric chambers worldwide.

The AHA Hyperbaric System is powerful, cutting-edge system that integrates patented components with advanced functionalities. The entire technical system ensures the delivery of highly efficient and customizable HBOT treatment protocols, tailored to specific needs.

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System is purposefully designed to cater to wellness facilities, spas, private clinics, aesthetic clinics, sports clubs, and companies prioritizing employee well-being, offering a unique and highly effective HBOT treatment for vitality of body and mind.

You will offer a distinctive value proposition by integrating the AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System into your facility, providing highly effective and beneficial HBOT treatments that benefit your customers and employees, athletes, and other individuals seeking highly effective ways of improving general well-being, achieving rejuvenations or boosting their athletic performance and recovery.


AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System effectively enhances body and mind vitality

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber: Fit - HBOT effects

HBOT treatments with AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System improve general well-being of its users.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will have:

  • a favourable effect on mood
  • a favourable effect on fatigue, relaxation of mind, increased awareness of one’s body
  • a favourable effect on stress reduction
  • a favourable effect on sleep
  • a positive effect on slower digestion
  • increased concentration during mental activity
  • a favourable effect on relaxation after workloads and physical activity
  • a favourable effect on muscle tone, joints and connecting tissue, lowers muscle tension

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System will also contribute to rejuvenation of its users.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will have:

  • a positive effect on slowing down aging process on a cellular level
  • anti-stress effects
  • a favourable effect on the appearance of cellulite and scars
  • a favourable effect on skin, which becomes more supple, flexible and resistant
  • a favourable effect on skin changes
  • a positive effect on improving poor posture, which is a consequence of involuntary posture and lack of physical activity
  • a positive effect on reducing body tension and fatigue

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber: Fit - HBOT effects

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber: Fit - HBOT effects

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System is a perfect HBOT solution for athletes, professional or recreational.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will:

  • enhance physical performance
  • have a favourable effect on joint mobility
  • strengthen ligaments and makes them more flexible
  • reduce muscle tension and fatigue, muscles regain strength
  • have a favourable effect on flexibility of muscles, which are better prepared for workloads
  • accelerate elimination of waste-products like lactic acid, which causes muscle tension
  • eliminates fatigue after hard practice and refreshes

Components of AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System


AHA Hyperbaric Chamber

AHA Fit chamber, the cornerstone of the AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System, is not only the world’s most potent inflatable chamber but also the one you can trust it will be safe and easy to use at delivering truly effective HBOT treatmens.


AHA Oxygen Delivery System

AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator uses PSA tech to extract oxygen from air up to 96% purity at 3.2 ata for diverse uses. However, AHA Fit chamber is certified for 100% oxygen utilization and can be connected to other oxygen sources.

Icon_Breathing mask

AHA Treatment Essentials

AHA Treatment Essentials are tailor-made accessories and devices for your AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System, yielding peak results for your clients. Use them to optimize oxygen delivery, comfort, safety, and hygiene, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The most powerful inflatable hyperbaric chamber in the world: AHA Fit

Our patented three-layer design that offers unparalleled strength and durability

The chamber is made of durable custom-built urethane material in three layers.

  • First layer is inner chamber, which seals the chamber itself.
  • Second and third levels are the outer chamber and a structured grid, which protect the inner chamber and maintain its shape.

All levels are connected via special system of safety valves and instruments that allow controlled adjustments of pressure. The special structure of AHA Hyperbaric Chamber makes it the strongest chamber of its kind in the world – designed for 3.0 ATA (300 kPa) of pressure.

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System - Fit - clouseup

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber - Window

We use exquisite materials and custom hand-made production

The materials used for AHA Fit hyperbaric chambers do not oxidize and do not deteriorate despite being exposed to a high concentration of oxygen.

Our chambers are manufactured without the use of gluing techniques and are created in their entirety by using a high frequency computer guided welding machine.

All construction materials are oxygen-proof for utmost patient safety. We have tested all materials and components for oxygen compatibility and quality conformance. We build our chambers using materials with biocompatibility certificates suitable for medical use.

Voluminous and light for pleasant HBOT treatment experience

The chamber’s innovative features create a pleasant and spacious environment, while also ensuring it is easy to handle and move around with ease.

  • 6 windows made with high-strength 6 mm acrylic
  • Weight of the hyperbaric chamber: 35 kg
  • Chamber dimension (Ø x L) in cm: Ø 85 x 250 cm

The chamber’s dimensions allow it to accommodate two people simultaneously, even though it is officially registered for single-person use. This allows for both the child receiving HBOT treatments and their parent to be in the chamber together.

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber - For 2 people

AHA Hyperbaric System - Antistatic Connection Set

We developed non-static connecting hoses and quick connectors made of medical-grade steel

Antistatic Connection Set with Quick Connectors ensures:

  • undisrupted gas flow to our hyperbaric chambers
  • providing maximum safety
  • providing the highest therapeutic efficacy
  • ensuring comfort for our customers during treatment

These certified devices provide a significant advantage over other systems that may experience static build-up, which can lead to reduced gas flow and potential safety issues.

AHA Ventilating and Inflating System is a patented innovation

  • Appropriate operating pressurization is powered by an oil-free air compressor AHA Air 22, which provides ventilation inside of a chamber with airflow of 170 l/min and by using pressure relief valves.
  • To assure the cleanest breath of air you have ever experienced this device has the best air filters that take out all the allergens, pollen, dust, and other unwanted particles
  • By incorporating unique motor anti-vibration suspension and superb cooling system we assured safe and most comfortable user experience
  • AHA Air 22 air compressor is elementary part of all AHA hyperbaric chambers.

AHA Ventilating and inflating system

AHA Hyperbaric Chamber - Components - closeup

All components of AHA Fit chamber are designed with the emphasis on both strength and comfort

  • Zipper, flap and buckles: triple system for closing the chamber ensures a stable pressure and safety for the occupant and the operator.
  • Internal aluminium frame: Light, strong and easy to assemble, made of premium antistatic aluminium to prevent the chamber from collapsing in full when not pressurized.
  • Stainless steel handrail enables safe and easy entry and exit for our customers. The handrail provides a secure grip for those who may need additional support or assistance.
  • Stability system: Stabilizes the chamber when operating or when it needs to be rotated in emergency cases.
  • Mattress: Custom-made from water-resistant, non-static material and non-flammable foam filling, providing substantial volume for maximum comfort.

AHA Oxygen Concentrator

The AHA Hyperbaric Chamber AHA Fit has been rigorously tested and certified for usage with 100% oxygen, which means that it can be used with any oxygen source, including oxygen tanks or hospital oxygen installations. However, to ensure ease of operation, we recommend using the high performing AHA Oxygen Concentrators.

Innovative AHA Oxygen Concentrator is a game-changer in the realm of oxygen delivery systems. Unparalleled in its performance, this cutting-edge device sets a new standard for oxygen purity, high pressures, durability, and strength.


Unmatched performance: supreme oxygen purity, high pressures, and reliable 24/7 operation.

Industrial strength in a small box

The AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator extracts oxygen from the atmosphere using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology which contributes to low cost and energy efficiency of this device.

Our superb device concentrates oxygen up to 96% purity (93 % ± 3%) at 3.2 ata.

AHA Oxygen Source has the strength of industrial oxygen generators and is designed for 24/7 operation. This powerful engine is nevertheless very light as it weighs only 58 kg.

AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator

AHA Oxygen Concentrator

Superbly controlled pure oxygen delivery

To unsure the highest cleanliness the device has 3 filters that take out all the allergens, pollen, dust, coarse particles, fine dust particles, moisture, bacteria and other impurities.

The anti-bacterial filter mounted on the exhaust oxygen hose allows the elimination of almost all the impurities and micro-organisms.

The AHA Oxygen Concentrator is made in conformity with the highest efficiency and safety standards and fulfills the strictest regulations and norms with regard to quality.



A holistic, award-winning hyperbaric system for non-medical HBOT

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System - hero

AHA Wellness System seamlessly integrates three key components: the AHA Fit hyperbaric chamber, AHA Oxygen Concentrator, and AHA Treatment Essentials. Each component is a patented innovation, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. When combined, these components form a remarkable synergy, delivering unparalleled safety and effectiveness in HBOT treatments.

Unlock the magic of HBOT with turn-key AHA Hyperbaric solution.

Our custom-made products are tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us for a personalized AHA Hyperbaric solution and cost estimate.


Technical specifications: AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System

Device: AHA Fit 20 AHA Fit 18
Code: 600.300 600.200
Max Operating Pressure: 200 kPa (2.0 bar)
(± 1 kPa (0.01 bar))
(± 2.5 %)
180 kPa (1.8 bar)
(± 1 kPa (0.01 bar))
(± 2.5 %)
Relative humidity: 30-75% 30-75%
Temperature range: 2°C to 35°C 2°C to 35°C
Atmosphere pressure: 1060 hPa – 700 hPa 1060 hPa – 700 hPa
Altitude: < 3000 m < 3000 m
Operating area: Must be with low dust Must be with low dust
Capacity: Mono-place chamber
(one person or child with a parent)
Mono-place chamber
(one person or child with a parent)
Size – length: 250 cm 250 cm
Size – diameter: 85 cm 85 cm
Volume: 1.42 m3 (± 5 %) 1.42 m3 (± 5 %)
Weight without AHA Air 22: 35 kg 35 kg
Required time for max. oxygen saturation (without air break): 60 min 75 min


AHA Hyperbaric Systems meet the strictest EU quality standards and regulations

Certifications for our medical hyperbaric systems are issued by the German accredited notified body TÜV SÜD (identification nr. 0123). All products are produced according to quality management system EN ISO 13485:2016



AHA Treatment Essentials

Maximize treatment effectiveness and prolong the longevity of your system
AHA Treatment Essentials are specifically designed and certified to work seamlessly with your AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System, ensuring optimal HBOT results. By using AHA Treatment Essentials, you will be able to maximize the amount of oxygen delivered, ensure highest comfort and safety of your treatments and sustain the cleanliness and hygiene of your AHA System.


AHA Treatment Essentials: AHA Oxygen Breathing Mask
AHA Oxygen Breathing Mask
AHA Treatment Essentials: Cotton textile set
AHA Cotton Textile Set
AHA Treatment Essentials: Cleaning and Disinfection Set
Cleaning and Disinfection Set
AHA Treatment Essentials: Blue spacer
Blue spacer
AHA Treatment Essentials: Protective cover
Protective cover
AHA Treatment Essentials: AHA Stopwatch
Calibrated stopwatch
AHA Treatment Essentials: Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset
AHA Treatment Essentials: Ozone generator
Ozone generator

Knowledge is crucial for effectiveness of HBOT treatments

The key to your success lies in your knowledge of how to effectively utilize the powerful AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System. This knowledge is vital for delivering appropriate and efficient HBOT treatments.

We provide our exclusive HBOT training and certifications to all our clients

Our team of HBOT experts will guide you in utilizing your AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System for administering effective and customized hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocols with confidence and professionalism.

Our comprehensive AHA Knowledge services consist of essential HBOT guidelines, AHA Hyperbaric Systems’ manuals and different levels of AHA Hyperbaric Trainings and Certifications.


AHA Hyperbarics for non-medical HBOT


The role of pure oxygen in hyperbaric oxygen therapy

When the body is exposed to pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber, it allows for the absorption of a significantly higher level of oxygen compared to breathing air at regular atmospheric pressure.

  • Oxygen enhances our immune system
  • All unhealthy germs and bacteria are weakened or killed by oxygen
  • Healthy bacteria are strengthened by extra oxygen
  • Oxygen is one of the most potent antibiotic
  • Oxygen is a versatile hormone
  • Oxygen is a blood clotter and anti-clotter
  • Oxygen burns fat and enhances the benefits of any exercise
  • Oxygen will heighten concentration, memory and alertness
  • Oxygen can provide almost immediate relief from headaches, hangover, migraine, stress, fatigue, cramps, jet lag, heat exhaustion, various aches and pains.


AHA Hyperbarics Chamber

Higher the pressure, broader the positive impact of HBOT on your health

The pressure factor is central for effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber has to be at least 160 kPa (1.6 bar, 1.6 ATA) in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Increased oxygen tension includes several favorable bio-chemical, cellular and physiological effects which make hyperbaric oxygen therapy an effective adjunct for the treatment of various syndromes.


Before investing in one, learn to identify effective hyperbaric chamber

Learn how to recognize if a hyperbaric system truly generates at least 95% medical-grade oxygen at pressures of at least 1.6 ata and if the manufacturer has indeed obtained all the necessary certificates.

Only a select few manufacturers in the world are capable and have all the necessary certificates for producing hyperbaric systems that are highly efficient and effective. As this technology becomes more popular and widely adopted, there is a risk of being misled by invalid products or improper usage of hyperbaric chambers.


Download your free guide
“How to Identify effective Hyperbaric Chamber”


Your AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System will be customized, turn-key HBOT solution.

Benefit from our commitment to research and development, resulting in innovative advancements that elevate the industry. With globally recognized certifications, we are your leading provider of cutting-edge HBOT technology.