Frequently asked questions

Is there a comparable chamber? Why choose our chamber?

There are various chambers on the market from Korean, Chinese etc. manufacturers, but they mostly reach the pressure of 1.3 or 1,5 ATA. Research has shown that healing effects show at the pressure of 1.6 ATA. The AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber reaches the pressure of 2.0 ATA and we can say with certainty that it is the highest quality inflatable portable chamber. Also it is a medical device class IIb, according to Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC.
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Where can I buy a hyperbaric chamber?

Anyone can buy a chamber: for your own use or a new business. Many people decide to buy a chamber, for example, for their fitness, spa, hotel …
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Can I also buy oxygen in a tank?

For various applications, oxygen is available in various forms, also in a tank. A part of the hyperbaric system are also two oxygen concentrators which produce oxygen from the air, so you do not need oxygen tanks.
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Can I clean the chamber with anything?

The cleaning solutions for the chamber are suitable for the environment which contains more oxygen than our atmosphere (more than 21 %), so not every cleaning liquid is appropriate. At our center you can buy a special cleaning solution that has been tested for use in such environments.
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Where can I buy accessories for the chamber?

You can buy accessories at the AHA Hyperbarics. Here, a number of accessories and spare parts are available for your hyperbaric system: clothing: shirts, pants, slippers, blankets, sheets and cloths, pillows and pillow cases, wet wipes for cleaning and care, cleaning fluids, NRB (non-rebreather) masks, stainless steel handrail.
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Can I order the clothes anywhere?

You can buy the clothes as well as equipment at AHA Hyperbarics, as they are made of pure cotton especially for use in a hyperbaric chamber.
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How are the chambers tested?

The chamber, which operates at 1.8 ATA, is tested at the pressure of 3.6 ATA.
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How fast can I expect to get help if anything stops working?

If anything stops working, the support over the phone is available right away, while the service technician comes to your location, if needed, in 48 hours.
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Does the service technician come to my facility or do I have to transport the chamber to the repairs shop on my own?

The service technician comes to you or you send the chamber to us in the original packaging.
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Can I set up the chamber on my own?

The chamber is delivered and professionally set up by our staff.
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I need the chamber for personal use. Do I need to have special training?

When buying a chamber for personal use you have to take part and pass the course for a qualified hyperbaric chamber operator level 1 (HCO L1).
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Do I need special knowledge to operate the chamber?

Yes, you can only use the chamber as a qualified hyperbaric chamber operator. The expected courses for acquiring different level certificates are published here: AHA Knowledge transfer services >

Is there a special education course for doctors, nurses and technicians?

Doctors, nurses and technicians can take part in the Intro to Hyperbaric Medicine: Principles and Practice course, in which they acquire a certificate for practicing hyperbaric therapies and learn about the physics of gases, primary and secondary effects of pressure, oxygen pathophysiology, oxygen toxicity and much more.
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What is the difference between an oxygen chamber and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

The difference is immense! Oxygen chambers are used in some wellness facilities and beauty parlors and function so that you wear your swimming suit and lie in a chamber (your head is outside the chamber) and your body is being showered with oxygen mist. Your body supposedly absorbs this oxygen mist. In hyperbaric oxygen chambers the chamber is pressurized and you breathe pure oxygen, which diffuses in blood plasma and supplies your whole body with oxygen with the help of a NRB mask.
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What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

You can imagine the therapy as a dive to the depth of 10 meters. You have to be able to equalize the pressure in your ears to feel comfortable. When you reach the planned pressure or depth and equalize the pressure, you will feel completely normal. The difference is that in the chamber you will be breathing pure oxygen via a mask, which has a beneficial effect on your body.
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What is a hyperbaric chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a controlled environment in which a person can be supplied with pure oxygen. The chamber is tested for use with great pressures, at which the beneficial effects on the body take place.
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What are some positive effects of the therapy?

After the completion of the treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, the therapy goes on for 6 more hours, because of a higher concentration of oxygen in your body. You feel great, relaxed, concentrated, energized, but you can experience a pleasant tiredness.
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Can I have a therapy if I have a cold?

In the case of a dive in the chamber you need to gradually equalize the pressure in your ears. If you do not have problems with equalizing pressure, you can attend the therapy despite the cold. You can check that by pinching your nose and blowing out slightly – if your ears “pop”, you have no problems equalizing.

Are there any side effects to the therapy?

A side effect of the therapy can be a barotrauma of the ears due to increased pressure. All visitors of the chamber are taught proper equalization techniques before going into the chamber, helped by the operator.

Can I wear glasses in the chamber?

Yes, you can.

Can I wear contact lenses in the chamber?

Yes, if you are using soft contacts. With rigid lenses we advise you to remove them before the therapy.

Can I read during HBOT?

In the hyperbaric chamber you can read magazines and books, while newspapers are not suitable because of the print.

Can I wear my shoes inside the chamber?

Before entering the chamber you put on special slippers from pure cotton, as other materials are not suitable for the environment of the chamber, besides you could also transfer contaminants into the chamber on your shoes.
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Are there different masks for breathing oxygen?

There exist free-flow masks with a bag, demand masks and hoods, but in a portable hyperbaric chamber, in which the user lies down, only the first two types are used. With the free-flow mask there is a continuous flow of the oxygen, while with demand mask the flow of oxygen stops, when the user exhales. At our facility we use the free-flow masks (NRB or non-Rebreather masks).
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My ear/tooth hurts, can I go into the chamber?

You can, if you can equalize. Otherwise the visit to the chamber is not advised, as barotrauma of the ears can occur because of higher pressure.

I have recently had a surgery. Can HBOT help me in any way?

HBOT helps with tissue regeneration and stimulates faster healing of injuries, while it also alleviates pain, but it is still advisable you talk to your doctor before visiting the chamber.
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Can HBOT help with sports injuries?

It can, as it alleviates pain, supplies your body with oxygen, with the help of which muscles are less tired and help with regeneration.
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How does HBOT affect the skin?

HBOT stimulates circulation in our entire body, including our biggest organ – skin, which during therapy gets a healthier glow, becomes softer.
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Can I go into the chamber wearing make-up?

Because the ingredients of your makeup could react with the oxygen, you have to clean your face before entering the chamber.

I smoke cigarettes. Can this affect HBOT efficacy?

Our experiences have shown it can, so we advise smokers not to smoke for at least two hours before entering the chamber and for at least two hours after the therapy.

Where can I read about the other visitors’ experiences with the chamber?

You can read about them here or at the AHA Hyperbarics, where we also have a book of impressions.
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Can I wear jewelry inside the chamber?

Before entering the chamber you have to remove all visible jewelry (you can leave for example a navel piercing, as it will be covered by clothes) and put it away, as it could react with the oxygen.

Can someone suffering from claustrophobia enter the chamber?

Anyone can enter the chamber, with someone suffering from claustrophobia the operators are even more cautious and are also trained to slowly accustom them to the chamber environment and help them overcome their fear.

Can I visit the chamber directly after a sports practice?

Yes you can, as the pressurized oxygen helps you recover faster after the practice.
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Does the operator work on his/her own?

All licensed and authorised hyperbaric operators are properly trained and qualified to work with the hyperbaric chamber.
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What happens if there is a blackout during the therapy?

Even if the power is cut and the compressor stops, there is enough air contained in the chamber that the operator can safely complete the therapy.

Is there a lot of published research on HBOT?

As the effects of HBOT on various health conditions are still being researched, there have been more than 30,000 scientific studies already published about this all over the world.
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How do I prepare for the therapy?

In the chamber make-up, perfumes, hair products, deodorants, wigs and jewelry are not allowed. The operator must know, if you are taking any medication, even the ones without a prescription. It is advisable that you don’t drink any alcohol and/or carbonated drinks for at least four hours before the therapy. We also advise you not to smoke before and after HBOT.

Is HBOT new?

No, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been in use for more than 200 years, but at the beginning it was only used for treating decompression illness. In the last 50 years it is continuously used for more and more health conditions.
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Is it warm in the chamber?

Usually the person inside the chamber feels warm as it is being pressurized, comfortable, when it is under pressure and feels a bit cold when the pressure begins to drop. Before the therapy the operator can give you blankets made of pure cotton, so you do not get cold.

Is there an age limit for visiting the chamber?

Fundamentally there is no age limit. However it is recommended that children visit the chamber along with their parents, as there is enough space inside the chamber.

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is extremely safe with minimal risks.
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What do I have to let the operator know before the therapy?

You have to inform the operator if you have a cold, or feel you might get one. You have to inform him/her if you have a fever, a stuffy nose or are taking any new drugs, if you are feeling nauseous or are vomiting, if you have an ear infection, are a diabetic and have not taken your insulin, if you have not eaten in the morning of the therapy. Whether you are, or suspect to be pregnant. If you are claustrophobic or anxious. You can ask the operator anything that interests you about the therapies.

How many therapies will I need?

The number of therapies depends on the reason you decided on the therapy. Usually you do not notice huge changes after the first therapy and then they start to appear. For some it is enough to visit the chamber 2-5 times, while others need more therapies.

Do I have to be careful what I eat before the therapy?

Before you go to therapy, it is recommended that you eat a balanced meal. Hyperbaric therapy accelerates metabolism and you will probably feel hungry after it.

How can HBOT help with so many different conditions?

HBOT is used therapeutically for treating conditions, in which tissues are damaged because of a lack of oxygen. When oxygen returns to these tissues, the tissues begin functioning again. HBOT similarly helps lessen inflammation and stimulates healing of body and brain injuries.
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Can there be more people in the hyperbaric chamber at the same time?

In the hyperbaric chamber there can be a child and an adult. The adult accompanies the child, amuses him/her and makes sure he/she is as comfortable in the chamber as possible. There is enough room for two adults, but our chamber is a monoplace chamber – it is meant for one adult, who has really a lot of space inside it.
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