What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT?

HBOT Basics
HBOT Science - What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a natural and non-invasive treatment

HBOT is a sum of three essential elements:

  • breathing pure oxygen
  • under increased ambient pressure
  • in a controlled hyperbaric chamber

It is extremely safe and has no side-effects, which would harm your health. Most patients find it pleasurable and relaxing. Treatments typically leave one with a sweet lingering sense of well-being. HBOT helps improve your health condition, prolongs your life and makes it more comfortable and productive.

During therapy one does not breathe the usual 21% oxygen, but pure oxygen through an oxygen mask. In the chamber the pressure is up to twice that of the ambient pressure, which is also why we breathe twice the concentration of oxygen, like we would be breathing pure oxygen in the environment or 9.5 times more as if we would be breathing normal air in the environment, which is why effects on our health and well-being are even better.

Beneficial hyperbaric therapy by means of pure oxygen supply regenerates damaged cells in a human body and prevents further damage from occurring. Users inhale larger quantities of oxygen due to being exposed to a high-pressure environment, which allows more oxygen to be distributed to the damaged tissue and this in turn leads to a quicker recovery. Physical properties of oxygen causes it to dissolve in plasma when exposed to high pressure. Consequently, plasma supplies all of the body’s tissues with oxygen, even tissue with poor blood circulation.


HBOT has a long history

For more than 200 years, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used as a regenerative health treatment and has helped improve the overall well-being of people. Lack of oxygen is one of the most common reasons behind the appearance of numerous illnesses and cell damage.

Hyperbaric therapy (HBOT) is in use all over the world for preventing and improvement of many ailments and bettering general health. Any disease that is ischemic (lack of tissue Oxygen) in nature, or has a concurring edema (tissue or nerve swelling) will see a benefit from HBOT.


HBOT has 6 general amazing effects on the human body

AHA Knowledge: What-is-HBOT_6 effects
  • It is a vasoconstrictor. It therefore reduces oedema or swelling.
  • It promotes neovascularization. When oxygen levels are increased fibroblasts divide, producing more collagen and new capillaries (neovascularization).
  • It enhances the killing power and activity of white blood cells.
  • It kills anaerobic bacteria. It is effective in fighting many infections and is bacteriostatic against anaerobes and stops exotoxin production.
  • It promotes faster healing of the “white tissue”. That is tissue that heals the slowest, because it has the least blood supply in the body. Tendons, ligaments, meniscus in the joints, spinal discs, bones and even brain tissues are all capillary deficient and each exhibit more rapid repair.
  • It regenerates damaged nervous system cells. It neutralizes the toxic cellular by-products and can return damaged neurons to prior activity.

What is HBOT technology and how it can be used?

It is proven that the pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber has to be at least 160 kPa (1.6 bar, 1.6 ATA) in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

But only a handful of manufacturers on the market are able to produce equipment with such a high pressure. Our company has the knowledge required to achieve this high pressure. Using our own experience and development, we’ve managed to reach new dimensions within the field of hyperbaric medicine. We can proudly state that the AHA Hyperbarics® GmbH company is the European golden awarded manufacturer of innovative hyperbaric chambers, capable of operating at 200 kPa (2.0 bar, 2.0 ATA,15 psi) of pressure.

AHA Hyperbarics is a company specialized in the production of premium hyperbaric chamber systems that ensure safe and effective HBOT treatments. We build highly portable and versatile inflatable HBOT systems for hyperbaric facilities, medical clinics, sports centers and private customers.


HBOT in medicine

AHA Hyperbarics’ Medical Solutions meet the strictest EU quality standards and regulations.
Certifications for our medical hyperbaric systems are issued by the German accredited notified body TÜV SÜD (identification nr. 0123). All products are produced according to quality management system EN ISO 13485:2016.



AHA Hyperbaric Chamber - Flex V2

Medical indications that can be treated with AHA Hyperbaric Medical System

AHA Hyperbaric Medical System is a certified medical device for the following medical indications:

  • Autism (children 2 -16 years old)
  • Cerebrovascular insult (CVI) – stroke
  • Crush injuries and related damages
  • Diabetic foot ulcer
  • Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
  • Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) after mild traumatic brain injury
  • Scleral ischemia or melt



HBOT will boost your body and mind vitality

Using hyperbaric chambers able of pressures higher than 1.6 ATA with medical oxygen of a least 96% purity your body and mind will experience many beneficial effects. AHA Hyperbaric Chambers are powerful engines for delivering highly effective HBOT treatments that contribute to the quality of life and general wellness of its users.

HBOT Science - What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy

HBOT has favourable effects on well-being

  • a favourable effect on mood
  • a favourable effect on fatigue, relaxation of mind, increased awareness of one’s body
  • a favourable effect on stress reduction
  • a favourable effect on sleep
  • a positive effect on slower digestion
  • increased concentration during mental activity
  • a favourable effect on relaxation after workloads and physical activity
  • a favourable effect on muscle tone, joints and connecting tissue, lowers muscle tension
HBOT Science - What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy

HBOT has rejuvenation effects for your body and mind

  • slowing down aging process on a cellular level
  • anti-stress effects
  • a favourable effect on the appearance of cellulite and scars
  • a favourable effect on skin, which becomes more supple, flexible and resistant
  • has a favourable effect on skin changes
  • improves poor posture, which is a consequence of involuntary posture and lack of physical activity
  • reduces body tension and fatigue
HBOT Science - What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy

HBOT will boost your sport performance

  • enhanced physical performance
  • has a favourable effect on joint mobility
  • strengthens ligaments and makes them more flexible
  • reduces muscle tension and fatigue, muscles regain strength
  • has a favourable effect on flexibility of muscles, which are better prepared for workloads
  • accelerates elimination of waste-products like lactic acid, which causes muscle tension
  • eliminates fatigue after hard practice and refreshes you

The pressure factor in HBOT is equally important to the oxygen

The term hyperbaric denotes a pressure that is higher than that in the normal atmosphere. In order to achieve the systemic effects of oxygen therapy, an operating pressure of at least 1.6 ATA while breathing near 100% oxygen is considered medical treatment. Most clinical HBO2 exposures and medical protocols range from 1.6 ATA-1.8 ATA–2.0 ATA for approximately 1-2 hours, according to various indications.

Simply speaking, appropriate pressure equals effectiveness. The purpose of a hyperbaric chamber is to create a controlled environment for human occupancy. This is controlled by total pressure, partial pressure of oxygen, humidity and temperature. Due to the effects of increased pressure, the amount of a gas (such as oxygen) that is dissolved in a liquid (such as blood) is directly proportional to the concentration of the gas at the surface of the liquid and the ambient pressure that the whole system is under.




Why are we breathing pure oxygen?

When the user breathes 100% oxygen while in a pressurized chamber, the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood is increased. This is called hyperoxia.
Breathing 100% pure oxygen means that the patient does not inhale any additional gases, as opposed to breathing air, where besides approximately 21% of oxygen, there are also nitrogen (approximately 78%) and trace gases (approximately 1%).

Our AHA chambers are certified for 100% oxygen use. It is possible to connect any oxygen source (e.g. an oxygen tank, oxygen installation, oxygen concentrators) to the chamber. The oxygen concentrator generates pure oxygen from air with the aid of pressure-swing adsorption or the PSA technology. Oxygen purity, however, not only depends on the pressure of the oxygen concentrator, but also on the flow the device enables.



Unleash the power of HBOT
with innovative turn-key AHA Hyperbaric Systems

AHA Hyperbaric Medical Systems is effectively being used for 7 certified medical indications

AHA Hyperbaric Medical System is certified according to the European Council Directive concerning medical devices (MDD) 93/42/EEC and produced on the basis of the quality management system for the production of medical products as determined by EN ISO 13485:2016.

Due to their functionality and safe use, AHA Hyperbaric Medical System is the only inflatable hyperbaric chamber in the world that can be used for 7 medical indications: crush injuries, diabetic foot ulcer, post-concussion syndrome, cerebrovascular insult, intestinal cystitis, scleral ischemia and autism (2-16 of age).




AHA Knowledge Medicine HM (CE01234)


AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System effectively enhances body and mind vitality

The AHA Fit 20 hyperbaric chamber, the essential part of AHA Wellness System is the world’s strongest inflatable hyperbaric chamber, designed with a patented three-layer system that can withstand pressures up to 3.0 ATA.

Designed for efficient, user-friendly and safe HBOT treatments it is made with exquisite, non-oxidizing materials and hand-made production, and features 6 high-strength acrylic windows and a diameter of 85cm. This award-winning chamber has 26 patented solutions that deliver an unparalleled hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.



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We are one of the few HBOT innovators and educators in the world that can guarantee the highest quality of HBOT technologies and trainings. Our holistic HBOT solutions include everything you need to be able to deliver truly effective HBOT treatments:



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