AHA Knowledge: Trainings, Certifications and Partner Enablement Services
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for each of our clients
Essential guideliness
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HBOT protocols
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AHA Hyperbarics Partner Enablement

Custom HBOT protocols for your AHA Hyperbaric System

Our certified and experienced HBOT experts will prepare detailed HBOT treatment protocols your AHA Hyperbaric System will be designed for. We provide two programs, depending on the AHA Hyperbaric Chamber included in your solution.

Medical HBOT treatments:

  • These can only be delivered with AHA Flex V2 Chamber (essential part of AHA Medical System), designed specifically for medical use
  • Medical indications HBOT protocols will be prepared for: Crush injuries, Diabetic foot ulcer, Cerebrovascular insult (CVI) – stroke, Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) after mild traumatic brain injury, Interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome), Scleral ischemia or melt, Autism (2 – 16 y. o.).

Wellness HBOT treatments:

  • These can be delivered with all models of AHA Fit Chamber (essential part of AHA Wellness System and AHA Home System), designed specifically for wellness and personal use
  • We will prepare various HBOT protocols appropriate for improving various aspects of general health: Well-being, Rejuvenation, Sport.


Ensure pleasant HBOT experience tailored for your clients

Our experts will outline all the specific steps you follow to deliver appropriate and efficient HBOT treatment. The protocols include:

  • guidelines for pre- and post-treatment care,
  • instructions on how to properly administer the treatment with your AHA Hyperbaric System, and
  • all technical information that will help you use your AHA Hyperbaric System safely and properly.


Customized guidelines for optimal usage of your AHA Hyperbaric System

Our experts will provide comprehensive guidelines to help you gain confidence in using your AHA system:

  • Operator’s manual for your AHA Hyperbaric System and in accordance with HBOT safety standards
  • HBOT treatment tutorial kit that includes: Procedure checklist for your AHA Chamber, User health questionnaire, Service book, Operational list, Treatment logbook, Safety considerations guide
  • FAQ document to be able to answer your clients’ questions about AHA Hyperbaric System and HBOT
AHA Knowledge - E-learning course


E-learning: HBOT & AHA fundamentals

To make the first steps into HBOT and AHA Knowledge easier we have designed e-learning course, to provide our clients with the essential theoretical training, that covers all basic concepts of HBOT and AHA technologies before proceeding to practical training.

To access this valuable training, you need a user name and password you receive upon purchasing AHA Hyperbarics chamber.


HBOT Science - AHA Knowledge


HBOT is a simple treatment and a complex science

Start your HBOT education today. At AHA Hyperbarics, we are passionate about making hyperbaric oxygen therapy approachable for everyone. Our world-class experts in HBOT are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.