About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We are commited to HBOT community of researchers and end users

We recognize the extraordinary chance we have been given to be part of a vibrant and productive scientific community of like-minded people in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, technology, theory and practice.

We build specialized and highly-effective inflatable HBOT chambers (medical and non-medical), including oxygen delivery equipment, also train and license future practitioners in the principles of working with oxygen under pressure and HBOT technology for therapeutic purposes.

Our dedication is to be of service to further the flag in the development of medical technology for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in the progress of medicine for everyone everywhere anytime necessary.

About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We stay engaged with all our stakeholders

AHA Hyperbarics company is part of a business network of partners within multiple industries – suppliers, distributors, agents, medics, engineers, clinics, medical institutions, industrial and commercial customers, private owners.

About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We prioritize safety above all else

We care about the well-being of every HBOT patient and user that will eventually step inside our hyperbaric oxygen chambers, thus we are responsible for every little element that contributes to the safety and effective operation of our technology.

About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

Responsibility is our gold standard

In order to bring and keep a network working together smoothly, we are responsible for every step of the research, development and production process, especially for safety measures, also for the environmental impact, part of our technology’s lifecycle.

About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We place people at the center of our business

  • We have aimed to invest and build a people-centered company where employees know they are our biggest assets and integral part of a community with similar aspirations.
  • Our training sessions and educational systems are central to most of our commercial activity, thus we strive to keep a steady pace in the development of our human resources.
  • All our employees enjoy HBOT sessions inside the AHA Hyperbarics chambers twice per month.

Commitment to our values drives us forward

We are sincere in our communication; standards, certificates.

We offer only the best products and services; standards, certificates.

Long term
We are focused on providing best products that give long term effects to the public.

Open for communication
We will share our knowledge about HBOT with everyone interested in this wonderful technology.

We support individuals, institutions and HBOT research

About AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We’re proud partners of Slovenian Ski Jumping team since 2018.

We’ve teamed up with Dejan Zavec, world boxing champion (AHA Hyperbarics Brand Ambassador).

We have donated the hyperbaric chamber to the USA veterans’ group, the organization Back2Life.

We can provide HBOT technology for research to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.



AHA Hyperbaric Medical System - CE01234

One of the kind in the world:
AHA Hyperbaric Medical System

Our AHA Hyperbaric Medical System is certified according to the European Council Directive concerning medical devices (MDD) 93/42/EEC and produced on the basis of the quality management system for the production of medical products as determined by EN ISO 13485:2016.

Due to their functionality and safe use, AHA Hyperbarics Medical System can be used for medical, as well as non-medical or relaxation purposes.



We provide all our clients with customized HBOT solutions

We design custom AHA Hyperbaric Solutions for each of our clients, addressing their unique requirements for either medical, wellness, or personal purposes. We prioritize safety and user-friendliness, offering a durable device with minimal maintenance requirements when used correctly.

All AHA Hyperbaric Solutions consist of AHA Hyperbaric System, the technological infrastructure needed for HBOT, and AHA Knowledge transfer services to provide our clients with expertise to deliver HBOT treatments properly with their system.

Start your AHA Hyperbarics journey today:

Solutions for medical use
AHA Hyperbaric Medical System - CE01234

Medical System

Our certified devices meet all necessary standards for safe and effective use in medical settings, distinguishing it as a leading choice among hyperbaric chambers worldwide.

Solutions for Wellness use
AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Set - Wellness-Home

Wellness System

This unique system has 26 patented solutions that contribute to unparalleled experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy: both for the chamber operator as well as the end (treatment) user.