AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Technician Master (HCM Technicians)
For business partners
to become technical AHA Hyperbarics educators
new AHA Hyperbarics technicians
to prove your coaching skills

AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Technician Master (HCM Technicians)

Become professional technical AHA Hyperbarics’ educator

The training is tailored for our business partners who seek to become professional technical AHA Hyperbarics’ educators. We will equip you with the necessary skills to professionally deliver basic technical AHA Hyperbarics’ trainings.


Develop the expertise to deliver basic technical education for AHA Hyperbarics Systems

Comprehensive theory lessons

  • Familiarization with the norms and procedures of HBOT and AHA Hyperbarics Systems
  • Familiarization on all aspects of HBOT
  • Familiarization on all technical aspects of HBOT
  • Coaching on how to train new students

Hands-on practical coaching

  • In-depth exploration of the skills acquired during the theoretical lessons.

By completing this training you will be equipped to educate new chamber technicians:


Required certification for AHA Hyperbarics’ distributor

As AHA Hyperbarics’ distributor you will be expected to be able to teach your customers how to properly use AHA Hyperbaric Systems. The same requirement applies if you intend to provide basic technical training for AHA Hyperbaric Systems. In order to demonstrate your coaching integrity we designed the following three assessments:

  • Exams:
    • Theory: each participant has to complete a written exam with a minimum passing grade of 85%.
    • Practice: each participant has to complete a practice test while working with the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Certification: Upon completion of this training you will gain a certificate and a wall diploma.
  • Certification renewal: Proficiency for HCM Technicians training must be renewed every year.
AHA Knowledge - E-learning course


E-learning: HBOT & AHA fundamentals

To make the first steps into HBOT and AHA Knowledge easier we have designed e-learning course, to provide our clients with the essential theoretical training, that covers all basic concepts of HBOT and AHA technologies before proceeding to practical training.

To access this valuable training, you need a user name and password you receive upon purchasing AHA Hyperbarics chamber.


HBOT Science - AHA Knowledge


HBOT is a simple treatment and a complex science

Start your HBOT education today. At AHA Hyperbarics, we are passionate about making hyperbaric oxygen therapy approachable for everyone. Our world-class experts in HBOT are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.