AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor Trainer (HCI Trainer)
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AHA Hyperbaric certification

AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor Trainer (HCI Trainer)

Designed for the most ambitious HBOT and AHA Hyperbarics’ students

This training will:

  • Give you the opportunity to accelerate your career in the field of HBOT
  • Upskill you with the most in-depth knowledge of AHA Hyperbaric Systems


Attain the master level of AHA Hyperbarics knowledge

The training is delivered by the Head of education at AHA Hyperbarics and consists of the most comprehensive training:

In-depth theory lessons

  • Covering all specific (general and detailed) aspects of HBOT and AHA Hyperbarics Systems
  • Providing extensive HBOT knowledge
  • Providing in-depth technical knowledge on hyperbaric pressure vessels

Hands-on practical coaching

  • In-depth exploration of the skills acquired during the theoretical lessons and practical coaching on all aspects of various AHA Hyperbaric Systems.

By completing the training you will be skilled to deliver all other AHA Hyperbaric trainings and certifications.


Elevate your career with the highest AHA Hyperbarics certification

To qualify as an AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor Trainer, you must attain the highest level of expertise and trustworthiness in both hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the handling of powerful and tailor-made AHA Hyperbaric Systems. In order to demonstrate your skills as an instructor we designed the following three assessments:

  • Exams:
    • Theory: each participant has to complete a written exam with a minimum passing grade of 85%.
    • Practice: each participant has to complete a practice test while working with the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Certification: Upon completion of this training you will gain a certificate and a wall diploma.
  • Certification renewal: Proficiency for HCI training must be renewed every year.
AHA Knowledge - E-learning course


E-learning: HBOT & AHA fundamentals

To make the first steps into HBOT and AHA Knowledge easier we have designed e-learning course, to provide our clients with the essential theoretical training, that covers all basic concepts of HBOT and AHA technologies before proceeding to practical training.

To access this valuable training, you need a user name and password you receive upon purchasing AHA Hyperbarics chamber.


HBOT Science - AHA Knowledge


HBOT is a simple treatment and a complex science

Start your HBOT education today. At AHA Hyperbarics, we are passionate about making hyperbaric oxygen therapy approachable for everyone. Our world-class experts in HBOT are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.