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We are reaching new dimensions in hyperbarics


We take pride in producing the most advanced inflatable hyperbaric chambers, customized to meet the unique needs of each client. We also provide advanced HBOT education, enabling our clients with the knowledge needed to administer truly effective HBOT treatments. By changing lives one HBOT session at a time, we are proud to be making a difference in the world.


We combined our love for scuba diving and engineering to create AHA Hyperbaric Solutions, a unique and innovative technology that reflects our admiration for oxygen and the impact of underwater pressure on the human body. Our commitment to superior quality and dependability is evident in our state-of-the-art HBOT technology and educational resources.


We are on a mission to bring hyperbaric oxygen therapy to humanity. With our firsthand experience of the many benefits that high-quality and trustworthy AHA Hyperbaric Solutions can offer, we believe that everyone should have access to natural HBOT treatments that promote human health and wellbeing in a holistic and non-invasive way.

AHA Hyperbarics: Innovation
AHA Hyperbarics: Innovations

We are one of the leading innovators of HBOT technology worldwide.

Our innovations are taking the HBOT technology to new levels, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of HBOT technology research and development.

Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to create unique AHA Hyperbaric Solutions that are taking the industry to new heights. We explore and use equisite materials, develop world-class components and invest in highly skilled craftsmanship.


AHA Hyperbarics: Certificates
AHA Hyperbarics: Certifications

We provide one of the safest and credible HBOT solutions in the world.

AHA Hyperbaric chambers are the only inflatable chambers in the market that have achieved highly credible certificates.

These certificates are a testament to the exceptional quality and safety standards that our chambers adhere to. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition from leading authorities in the industry, ensuring that our customers can trust our products for their hyperbaric therapy needs.


AHA Hyperbarics: CSR
AHA Hyperbarics: CSR

We are commited to HBOT community.

Our dedication is to be of service to further the flag in the development of medical technology for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in the progress of medicine for everyone everywhere anytime necessary. To achive this goal:

  • We stay engaged with all our stakeholders
  • We prioritize safety above all else
  • Responsibility is our gold standard
  • We place people at the center of our business


AHA Hyperbarics: Team
AHA Hyperbarics: Team

A knowledgeable and passionate team to guide you through the world of HBOT solutions.

We are a team of HBOT innovators and evangelists on a mission to make HBOT accessible to everyone.

With a deep passion for HBOT technology, we’re constantly innovating and exploring new ways to bring the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to more people. Don’t just take our word for it – ask our satisfied clients and see the positive effects for yourself.




We dedicate the efforts of our company to innovation in the field of medical HBOT technology and high-pressure chamber manufacture.



We aim to teach about the positive health effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, with no exaggerated benefits and no underplay of risks.



Our training programs are designed to instruct HBOT practicians to operate hyperbaric chambers with technical and medical know-how.

AHA Hyperbarics Partner Enablement Program

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Join forces with AHA Hyperbarics and gain a competitive advantage

Looking for high-quality and unique hyperbaric oxygen therapy solutions? AHA Hyperbarics provides exceptional, portable, and lightweight chambers that eliminate the need for oxygen cylinders, providing a more cost-effective and efficient solution for your medical practice. We also offer a fully developed educational and customer support system to assist our partners. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help elevate your practice to the next level.

We provide unique AHA Hyperbaric Solutions all around the globe. Our partnership includes a fully developed educational and customer support system to assist you. Contact us today to learn more.


AHA Hyperbarics: Client testimonial - Mag. Claus Gattinger

AHA References

“It started with a test operation in 2020: TSV Hartberg, football team in the Austrian Bundesliga (highest league) and Claus Gattinger, head of the company O2therapie, installed an AHA Hyperbarics chamber directly in the football stadium. The results and feedback from team and medical staff where so positive, that the cooperation is now in the 4 th season. The focus lies on HBOT in an AHA Hyperbarics Fit chamber for faster comeback of injured players and AHA oxygen workout for quick regeneration. Not only the football pros but also other clients can enjoy the power of oxygen in the beautiful Austrian city Hartberg.”

Mag. Claus Gattinger


Learn more: O2therapie.at >

AHA Hyperbarics: Client testimonial - Dr. Jacob Perkins

AHA References

“I can’t say enough good things about the AHA Hyperbaric system created here. It’s functionality in a soft-shell chamber format is unparalleled with variability for depth, oxygen concentration, construction, 2 person capacity etc. I love it and so do my patients.  We’ve had phenomenal success with Diabetic wounds, Auto-immune disorders, Concussions, Stress fractures and General health etc. Love it and their product. Grateful to have two to help people get better. Breathe the Future!”

Dr Jacob Perkins

Utah, USA

Learn more about Dr Jacob Perkins >


AHA Hyperbarics: Client testimonial - Leon Cardoso

AHA References

“I first came across AHA Hyperbarics when I was looking for a hyperbaric chamber for my home. What struck me was, compared to other manufacturers off portable hyperbaric chambers, AHA Hyperbarics have been very helpful and knowledgeable, particularly with Health and safety and the reliability of their chamber.

I purchased the AHA Hyperbarics Fit 2.0 chamber and have found this very helpful for my wellness and overall health, and I would recommend this chamber very highly for personal use over other portable soft chambers on the market.”

Leon Cardoso 

United Kingdom

About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

Buyer of the AHA Flex system, Denmark

“We’re very pleased with our cooperation with the AHA Hyperbarics company. They have offered excellent support which included the installation of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system, whilst supplying professional training for its proper handling.”

About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

World class alpine skier

“After using hyperbaric therapy my mood improved and I was full of energy. I felt rested and ready for new efforts.
I particularly recommend the therapy to top athletes, as I’m personally familiar with the importance of rest and recovery.”

About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

Buyer of the AHA Flex system, Oxygen company, Poland

“We’ve bought the AHA Flex 20 hyperbaric chamber. The chamber is made of high quality materials; every detail is well constructed. Because of the chamber’s white colour, it gives patients a feeling of space and security without causing claustrophobia. All of the conducted research, certificates and the chamber itself prove it’s reliable, safe and comfortable to use. At the same time all of our chamber operators appreciate the simplicity required for its operation, which allows them to pay full attention to the patient, making them feel safe during the procedure, so they can fully relax during their session inside the chamber.”

About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

Parents of an autistic child, medical clinic Thymos, Poland

“We have already completed a series of 20 treatments and we are fully satisfied. Our son didn’t have any issues the entire time he spent in the chamber. We have certainly noticed an improvement in his communication skills (increased range of his vocabulary, he is now forming longer sentences and is more frequently asking questions) and an improvement in social interaction (he now meets new friends and plays with them in the playground).”


About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

Slovenian rhythmic gymnast

“A week before an important competition I visited the chamber regularly because of a torn tendon and a lot of pain. After a few therapies the mobility of my leg is normal and the pain has disappeared.”

About AHA Hyperbarics: References

AHA References

Professional volleyball player

“I feel great and I must say that I already have a feeling it is helping me, because even when I spend a long time on my feet the injured leg does not swell.”