Why is pressure important?

HBOT Basics
HBOT Science - Why is pressure important

Higher the pressure, broader the positive impact of HBOT on your health.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is defined as the sum of all three essential elements

  • breathing pure oxygen
  • under increased ambient pressure
  • in a controlled hyperbaric chamber

The reason for these specific conditions is that the amount of a gas (such as oxygen) that is dissolved in a liquid (such as blood) is directly proportional to the concentration of the gas at the surface of the liquid and the ambient pressure of the whole system. The oxygen is inhaled into the lungs and delivered to the blood system. The blood carries the oxygen throughout our body to help fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

HBOT is known to support healing through multiple synergic mechanisms.


What does “hyperbaric” mean?

The term hyperbaric denotes a pressure that is higher than that in the normal atmosphere.

As evident from the records from the 1600s, the belief was that elevated pressure could heal acute conditions, while decreased pressure helped with chronic ones. At the beginning, hyperbaric therapies were performed with air, but after the first attempts with no particular progress, this field of medicine was almost forgotten for close to two hundred years.

In the early 1900s, Dr. Orval J. Cunningham made observations of cardiovascular disease, noting how people living closer to the sea level have fewer problems than those living at higher altitudes. He suspected the changes accompany the variations in pressure. With increased pressure he also successfully treated influenza and kidney disease and made a hypothesis of how anaerobic (those for which oxygen is toxic or even lethal) bacteria are responsible for many harmful conditions, from various cancers to hypertension.


Why is higher pressure so important in HBOT?

HBOT Science - Why is pressure important

Improved cellular oxygen supply

Delivering pure oxygen under pressure higher than atmospheric pressure at sea level is the general understanding of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The oxygen delivered at this pressure increases arterial and tissue oxygen tension to improve cellular oxygen supply by raising the oxygen diffusion gradient (double to triple), thus having anti-ischemic effect.

HBOT Science - Why is pressure important

Better oxygen distribution

The lungs inhale larger quantities of oxygen because the body is exposed to a high-pressure environment, which allows for more oxygen to be distributed to damaged tissues and this in turn leads to a quicker recovery.

The physical properties of oxygen allow the molecule to dissolve in plasma when exposed to high pressure. Consequently, plasma supplies all the body’s tissues with oxygen, especially tissues with poor blood circulation.

HBOT Science - Why is pressure important

Favorable bio-chemical, cellular and physiological effects

The potential benefits of hyperoxygenation (hiperoxia) include improved angiogenesis (the formation of collagen matrix), improved micro-circulation and increased cell re-oxygenation to protect tissues from reperfusion injury.

High pressure kills harmful bacteria, HBO2 is bactericidal for anaerobes and bacteriostatic for aerobe bacteria.

Increased oxygen tension includes several favorable bio-chemical, cellular and physiological effects which make hyperbaric oxygen therapy an effective adjunct for the treatment of various syndromes.

How can you verify if the hyperbaric chamber can handle 1.6 ata or higher pressures?

The pressure factor is central for effective HBOT. The pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber has to be at least 160 kPa (1.6 bar, 1.6 ATA) in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Only a select few manufacturers in the world are capable and have all the necessary certificates for producing hyperbaric systems that are highly efficient and effective. As this technology becomes more popular and widely adopted, there is a risk of being misled by invalid products or improper usage of hyperbaric chambers.

Learn how to recognize if a hyperbaric system truly generates at least 95% medical-grade oxygen at pressures of at least 1.6 ata and if the manufacturer has indeed obtained all the necessary certificates.


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