AHA Oxygen Delivery System

Breathe in pure oxygen.

To achieve effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you must breathe a minimum of 95% pure medical oxygen at a pressure of at least 1.6 ATA.

To provide our clients with a reliable source of oxygen that meets the required purity levels we have developed an oxygen concentrator with unparalleled performance. Meet one of the most innovative oxygen delivery systems on the market: AHA Oxygen Concentrator.

AHA Oxygen Concentrator

Unmatched performance: supreme oxygen purity, high pressures, and reliable 24/7 operation.

Our revolutionary AHA Oxygen Concentrator is a true game-changer in the realm of oxygen delivery systems. Unparalleled in its performance, this cutting-edge device sets a new standard for oxygen purity, high pressures, durability, and strength. The AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator extracts oxygen from the atmosphere using pressure swing absorption (PSA) technology. It concentrates oxygen up to 96% purity at 3.2 ata which can be utilized in many applications.

AHA Oxygen Concentrator guarantees an unrivaled user experience, providing you with the utmost confidence in its ability to deliver a constant, reliable supply of pure oxygen. The device is made in conformity with the highest efficiency and safety standards and fulfills the strictest regulations and norms with regard to quality.

Discover the future of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and embark on a journey towards improved health and well-being with the remarkable AHA Hyperbarics solutions for safe and effective HBOT.



Guarantee a dependable source of pure oxygen for your hyperbaric system

AHA Oxygen Concentrator



Experience HBOT essential element: Pure oxygen with the AHA Oxygen Concentrator

This premium device extracts pure oxygen from the surrounding air using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. The latest PSA technology allows us to rely on a powerful computer processor to digitally regulate all the oxygen concentrators’ processes in order to assure the highest purity.

One oxygen concentrator produces:

  • impressive amount of 10 lpm (litres per minute) of oxygen
  • with up to 96% purity at 3.2 ata.

To unsure the highest cleanliness of oxygen the device has 3 filters that take out all the allergens, pollen, dust, coarse particles, fine dust particles, moisture, bacteria and other impurities.

AHA Oxygen Concentrator has incredible strength packed into a small, portable design

AHA Oxygen Concentrator is dependable, portable and durable like no other. The concentrator’s internal air compressor, filtration system, Zeolite sieve, storage tank, and flow control system are designed for 24/7 operation, effortlessly generating high pressures to ensure steady flow of oxygen into the chamber.

Built on a powder coated steel chassis, its anodized aluminum sieve beds are fitted with custom aluminum end caps for years of reliable service. This powerful engine is nevertheless very light as it weighs only 58 kg.

AHA Oxygen Concentrator has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty or 2.000 working hours.

AHA Wellness or Home system - Fit

AHA Oxygen Concentrator

To ensure safety we implemented various intuitive functionalities and built-in safety controls

It’s easy to use AHA Oxygen Concentrator. Connect the device to an electrical outlet, push the ON/OFF power switch to the ON position and set your desired flow and pressure.

The device is very safe to use, although our concentrator has a unique ability do produce high pressure to insure the proper flow of oxygen into the chamber:

  • the built-in oxygen pressure regulator allows to set the delivery pressure according to client’s requirements.
  • the built-in compressor has 700 W of power and has a built-in safety relief valve to prevent pressures above 320 kPa (3.2 ata).


AHA Hyperbarics

Achieve maximum efficiency at a minimal cost with the AHA Oxygen Concentrator

AHA Oxygen Concentrator generates oxygen from the surrounding air. This eliminates the unnecessary costs involved in transportation, storage and oxygen cylinder rental.

This powerful device also uses less than 700 W of electricity to deliver up to 600 litres of oxygen per hour, making it uniquely energy effective.

Technical Specification: AHA Oxygen Concentrator

Device: AHA® O22 AHA® Oxy 22
Intended use: For wellness and home use For medical use
Code: 501.100 500.100
Oxygen Pressure: 0-230 kPa (0-2.3 bar) 0-230 kPa (0-2.3 bar)
Max. Limited Pressure: 320 kPa (3.2 bar) 320 kPa (3.2 bar)
Noise level: 65 dBA at 1 meter 65 dBA at 1 meter
Oxygen Purity: 93% (± 3 %) 93% (± 3 %)
Oxygen Dew Point: -51 °C (-60 °F) -51 °C (-60 °F)
Response Time: Approximately two (2) minutes to attain maximum purity after initial start-up or extended shut-down. Approximately two (2) minutes to attain maximum purity after initial start-up or extended shut-down.
Power: 700 W, 230 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase 700 W, 230 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Fuse: T4A H 250VAC T4A H 250VAC
Relative humidity: 30-75 % 30-75 %
Temperature range: 2°C to 35°C 2°C to 35°C
Atmosphere pressure: 1060 hPa – 700 hPa (1060 mbar – 700 mbar) 1060 hPa – 700 hPa (1060 mbar – 700 mbar)
Altitude: < 3000m < 3000m
Operating area: Must be with low dust Must be with low dust
Dimensions: 70.5 x 50 x 41 cm (W x D x H) 70.5 x 50 x 41 cm (W x D x H)
Weight: 57 kg 57 kg
Main directive:  Council Directive 2006/95/EEC
Council Directive 2004/108/EC
Safety Class according to MDD 93/42/EEC: IIb
Safety Class according to EN 60601-1: I


Feed air/ambient air quality

The lifetime of the AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator is directly related to the air quality that is fed into it. Hot, humid, dirty, oily air deteriorates and degrades the performance of the molecular sieve. In order to preserve the effectiveness and extend the lifetime of the oxygen generator, precautions must be taken to ensure that the air provided is cool, dry, clean and oil-free.

Ambient air temperature
The AHA O22 Oxygen Concentrator is designed for use in a temperature range of 2 °C to 35 °C. Since hot air has the ability to hold more water in the form of humidity than cool air, operating the unit in hot areas will reduce the effective lifetime of the molecular sieve.

Air changes by room size
For the device to operate well, you need to make sure of the appropriate ventilation or the air changes in the room, where the device is installed.

How can you make sure if the hyperbaric chamber really uses pure oxygen?

Learn how to recognize if a hyperbaric system truly generates at least 95% medical-grade oxygen at pressures of at least 1.6 ata and if the manufacturer has indeed obtained all the necessary certificates.

Only a select few manufacturers in the world are capable and have all the necessary certificates for producing hyperbaric systems that are highly efficient and effective. As this technology becomes more popular and widely adopted, there is a risk of being misled by invalid products or improper usage of hyperbaric chambers.


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AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Set


During hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), an average person requires around 17 liters per minute (LPM) of oxygen to achieve therapeutic benefits.

To produce enough oxygen of the highest purity for HBOT, it is recommended to use two oxygen concentrators, which allow for a more reliable and consistent flow of oxygen. This ensures that you receive the maximum therapeutic benefit from your HBOT treatment.

HBOT Science - Oxygen is important
HBOT Science - Why we need oxygen


When the body is exposed to pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber, the higher amount of pressure and the amount of pure oxygen allows the absorption of a much greater level of oxygen than breathing the air at regular atmospheric pressure.

Various conditions benefit from an oxygen-rich environment under pressure as oxygen is a major contributor to the body’s ability to self-heal. That is why HBOT is such a powerful therapy. Extra oxygen enhances the body’s ability to detoxify the blood and strengthen the immune system. All unhealthy germs and bacteria are weakened or killed, while healthy bacteria are strengthened by extra oxygen.


AHA Treatment Essentials

Maximize treatment effectiveness and ensure optimal oxygen delivery

AHA Treatment Essentials are specifically designed and certified to work seamlessly with your AHA Hyperbaric Systems, ensuring optimal HBOT results. By using AHA Treatment Essentials, you will be able to maximize the amount of oxygen delivered, ensure highest comfort and safety of your treatments and sustain the cleanliness and hygiene of your AHA System.


AHA Silicone Oxygen Mask (Medical use)
AHA Oxygen Breathing Mask
AHA Treatment Essentials: Silicone Oxygen Mask
AHA Silicone Oxygen Mask
AHA Treatment Essentials: AHA Complete Textile set
AHA Cotton Textile Set
AHA Calibrated Stopwatch
Calibrated stopwatch
AHA Treatment Essentials: Cleaning and Disinfection Set
Cleaning and disinfection set
AHA Treatment Essentials: Blue spacer
Blue spacer
AHA Treatment Essentials: Protective cover
Protective cover
AHA Treatment Essentials: Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset

Invest in one of the most effective and safe hyperbaric solutions in the world

We understand that our clients seek turn-key, reliable, and safe HBOT solutions designed specifically for your requirements.
That’s why we specialize in crafting custom AHA Hyperbaric Solutions for each of our clients. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, durable, and powerful HBOT systems that meet your unique needs, ensuring an optimal experience and safe and effective HBOT treatment.

Start your transformative AHA journey to HBOT today:

AHA Hyperbaric System for medical HBOT
AHA Hyperbaric Medical System - CE01234

Medical System

Our certified devices meet all necessary standards for safe and effective use in medical settings, distinguishing it as a leading choice among hyperbaric chambers worldwide.

AHA Hyperbaric System for non-medical HBOT
AHA Wellness or Home system - Fit

Wellness System

This unique system has 26 patented solutions that contribute to unparalleled experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy: both for the chamber operator as well as the end (treatment) user.