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HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

We need oxygen to improve our body from the inside

Get in better shape with a healthy dose of oxygen, a systemic component of all biochemical processes, providing 90% of the energy in our body, while food and water provide the additional 10%.

Lower than necessary oxygen levels are the primary cause of various medical conditions (illness and disease), fatigue, stress and premature aging.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy supports the immune system

When oxygen is delivered under pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber, more oxygen is circulated and absorbed into the tissues, which accelerates the natural healing properties of our immune system, enhances antibiotic activity and activates the release of stem cells. The systemic benefits of HBOT work wonders to sustain optimal health.


Get in better shape with a healthy dose of oxygen

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

Oxygen therapy sessions help the body recover from fatigue and stress-related tensions

HBOT has a favorable effect on relaxation after workloads and physical activity and it can help the mind relax, improve memory, concentrate and focus, also increase awareness on the body. Major performance athletes choose HBOT for the positive effects of recovery after training and intensive physical activity, yet HBOT is also efficient for people with a sedentary or reduced-effort lifestyle. HBOT lowers muscle tension and can have a favorable effect on muscle tones, joints and connecting tissue. It also improves poor posture, which is a consequence of involuntary posture and lack of physical activity.

Positive effects of HBOT on general well-being:

  • Has a positive effect on mood, sleep and slow digestion
  • Helps reduce stress and facilitates relaxation
  • Helps increase concentration for mental activities



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

Health and wellness: More oxygen to keep up your energy

Given the fact that oxygen works with the body on a systemic level, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally recommended for wellness and beauty objectives to maintain your optimal level of health.

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Growth of new blood vessels
  • Boosting immunity
  • Higher energy levels



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

HBOT in sports: More oxygen to reach better sports performance

Top athletes use it for sports recovery after injury and performance enhancement to boost endurance, increase energy levels, develop mental focus, improve memory and concentration.

  • Wound healing
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Stimulate the production and release of stem cell
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Improvement of stamina
  • Positive effect on muscle tones, joints, connecting tissue
  • Lowers muscle tension



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

Medical HBOT: More oxygen to heal the body

Patients use it as a supporting treatment in the management of several chronic medical indications, as well as for medical recovery. A hyperbaric physician is required to assess the medical history and the physical condition and to explain the patients the necessary treatment options.

  • Increases blood and tissue oxygen levels
  • Delivers sufficient oxygen to stimulate angiogenesis
  • Increases collagen production
  • Helps patients with severe infections
  • Improves neovascularization
  • Decreases inflammation in chronic wounds



HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

HBOT for Beauty: Hey there, good looking!

A healthy looking skin is the result of supplying adequate oxygen levels to the tissues. When we enhance the delivery of oxygen within the hyperbaric chamber, it helps the body regenerate cells faster, stimulate fibroblast replication, increase collagen formation and promote neovascularization.

HBOT has many beneficial effects on your physical appearance:

  • Tissue repair and regeneration
  • Scar tissue rehabilitation
  • Increased production of collagen
  • Skin rejuvenation



Integrate HBOT into your wellness with AHA Hyperbarics

AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System effectively enhances body and mind vitality

The AHA Fit 20 hyperbaric chamber, the essential part of AHA Wellness System is the world’s strongest inflatable hyperbaric chamber, designed with a patented three-layer system that can withstand pressures up to 3.0 ATA.

Designed for efficient, user-friendly and safe HBOT treatments it is made with exquisite, non-oxidizing materials and hand-made production, and features 6 high-strength acrylic windows and a diameter of 85cm. This award-winning chamber has 26 patented solutions that deliver an unparalleled hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.


AHA Hyperbaric Wellness System

AHA Hyperbarics

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