Sharing knowledge and experiences


We are always happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

On 20th January 2018 we had a pleasure to speak in Slovenia among our friends from Association of patients with borreliosis, their relatives, neighbors and medical staff.

The purpose of the meeting with the Association was to present what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is, how the hyperbaric oxygen therapies (HBOT) are done and what are the benefits of HBOT. Mr. Peter Kokalj, the manager and founder of AHA Hyperbarics spoke also about hyperbaric chamber AHA Flex which is a medical device, certificated according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and intended to be used for medical or for non-medical purposes.

AHA Flex is actually a complete system of hyperbaric chamber and oxygen concentrators for performing hyperbaric oxygen therapies. AHA Flex is certified for medical conditions, such as autism, post-concussion syndrome, painful bladder syndrome, scleral ischemia, cerebrovascular insult – stroke, diabetic foot ulcer and crush injuries.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapies in AHA Flex hyperbaric system can be used for other purposes as well. For example, beauty, overall well-being or sport.

AHA Hyperbarics ambassador, Dejan Zavec, 5x times worldwide boxing champion, is a great example of the user of the full spectrum of HBOT’s benefits. He experienced a lot of pain and injuries after finishing his awesome career in boxing. He said: »I want to share my HBOT experiences with others and tell everybody how I improved my quality of life.«

In Slovenia there are already hyperbaric oxygen centers using AHA Flex hyperbaric chambers with many happy users, among them Slovenian Ski Jumping National Team, MXGP worldwide champion 2016, Tim Gajser, musicians and singers, Ines Erbus, Alenka Godec, Neisha and many others. More info about AHA Hyperbarics centers are here.