Brand New AHA Vertical Set


Our AHA Hyperbaric chambers have improved so many lives that we decided the devices that support our hyperbaric chamber themselves deserve a thorough upgrade. But it is not just about good looks – far from that. Instead, the aim was to make the entire user experience better and design a product you will proudly display in your home, salon or anywhere else. So, after careful design and engineering, we are now ready to present the completely new mobile modular vertical set.

Design For You

The first thing you will probably notice is, of course, the layout. Three separate devices that used to take up so much space, now form a slim and easily transportable tower. The housing is made of steel frame and components, surrounded by an ALU cover. The unit at the bottom is the air compressor, and on top of it, you will find one or more oxygen concentrators.  We managed to make the compressor a bit bigger and our oxygen concentrators a great deal smaller, so they both fit into the exact same housing. Being able to do this is a crucial breakthrough in the industry, as we have now proved hyperbaric setups do not have to be big and bulky to do the job. Even more – our vertical set is the most compact device on the market, built from supreme materials and parts, providing the safest and most comfortable user experience. We will tell you more about the set’s improved functionalities later, but first, let us focus on the design itself.


One of the most visible features of the new set is its mobility. The set has sturdy medical 12 cm custors with breaks that allow you to move the tower quickly when setting the whole system up, cleaning or doing regular maintenance. Of course, the complete set was tested for your comfort and safety, so you do not have to worry about the tower slipping or the units sliding off, no matter how many units you want to stack on top of each other. Instead, you get a modular, practical and mobile tower you can handle with ease, although, in fact, it bears a significant amount of weight. AHA Air compressor

Retro Style

We could not resist. Hyperbaric technology is related to diving and submarines, which can only mean one thing – we swear on old-time, retro-looking pressure gauges and timers. They are still state of the art pieces of technology, but we prefer analogue to digital in this case. On the other hand, the white panels on all units are timeless in their design and will match your interior décor anywhere. Not to mention that a subtle LED lighting behind the front panel provides a fabulous ambient light, giving the whole setup a luxurious glow. A new timer and PLC Siemens Logo have been added to put the final touch on the tower’s look.

AHA Oxygen concentrator

Pink? Why Not!

Our clients have asked for more personalized setups. So naturally, we are happy to oblige. From now on, you can ask for a custom colour or design on the front panels and the housing according to your desires. The new AHA vertical set can thus become a centrepiece in your establishment and an eye-catching element that everybody will talk about.

Hardware Updates

To achieve our air compressor’s and oxygen concentrator’s longer life and optimum functionality, we have installed several new components:

Motor Anti-Vibration Suspension

It is vital that our clients feel comfortable using the AHA Hyperbaric Chambers without unnecessary disturbances from the machine itself. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be a pleasant, peaceful and stress-free experience for the client to achieve optimal results and benefits. That is why we mounted the motor inside the compressor unit onto a double suspension system supported by springs and rubber elements that cancel out all the vibration and, consequently,  noise. We call it the Floating Motor. The new anti-vibration suspension thus makes our AHA vertical tower the quietest setup on the market you can easily use right at home.

Improved cooling system

When using any appliance, avoiding overheating is crucial to preventing damage to the motor and its parts, saving you time and money on repairs. That is why we have thought of a clever solution for keeping our AHA vertical set cool and always in top shape. First of all, we physically created a barrier between cool and hot elements inside the casing.  In addition to that, a longer copper tube and 4 powerful fans keep the motor much cooler and running at the appropriate working temperature, allowing it a more stable operation throughout its entire life. Furthermore, to extend the system’s lifespan, we have replaced rubber tubes with metal-braided ones that will last longer, keep the operation much safer and reduce the need for maintenance.  Now, not only is the motor itself working in best conditions, but we have also achieved that the air we pump into the chamber is much cooler, providing the users with a more comfortable environment during the treatment.

Best Air Filters

At AHA Hyperbarics, we are all about the fresh air. In order to deliver the best possible oxygen therapies, we take extra precautions to filter the air accordingly. The latest PSA technology allows us to rely on a powerful computer processor to digitally regulate all the oxygen concentrators’ processes. AHA chambers come with the powerful AHA air compressor that has 3 filters. The first is a 5µm EPA filter and collects dust particles. Then, inside the motor, the air is compressed, and flows through the cooling system and then goes again through a 5µm EPA filter to collect the dust. Then air goes to 0,01µm HEPA filter. And in the end, air goes to the antistatic hose and through the quick connector to the chamber. AHA oxygen concentrator, on the other hand, delivers 10 litres of oxygen. So the input is 170 litres of air that we filter through 3 filters, plus the output oxygen is filtered with HEPA Antibacterial filter. As a result, our new vertical set takes out all the allergens, pollen, dust, and other unwanted particles to provide you with the cleanest breath of air you have ever experienced.

Easy Maintenance

Our AHA Hyperbaric Chambers and its new vertical tower will be the last system you will ever buy if serviced regularly. That is why we made sure maintenance will be a breeze. A service lid easily comes off at the back of each unit and allows access to all components you are obliged to inspect and change regularly. You do not have access to any other parts; that is why it is entirely safe to do regular maintenance yourself and impossible to do anything wrong while doing it.

Safety First

We want the hyperbaric treatment to be an exceptionally safe experience for the user and the operator. That is why we have designed the whole system with the topmost safety precautions in mind. First of all, let us talk about electricity and electric components in the vertical set. All the elements inside it run on 24V, which means the set is ready to be used in all world regions. You can also find an EMC filter at the back of the tower that ensures no electrical current disturbances come to and from the tower itself. The other area that gets much attention in our company is, of course, the pressure. AHA hyperbaric chambers operate at up to 300 kPa (3.0 bar) of pressure. This means we need to take extra precautions to ensure the vertical tower, consisting of an air compressor and one or more oxygen concentrators, as well as the chamber itself, can operate safely. We take great pride in our new vertical set that has multiple safety features. One of them automatically shuts down the operation if the temperature surpasses 65 ° Celsius. Then the fans mounted on the casing immediately start to bring the temperature inside the system down to the optimal level. The operation then automatically resumes without actually releasing the pressure in the system. Apart from that, the tower and the chamber are equipped with pressure relief valves that can let the pressure out of the system in case of an emergency. Therefore, when the vertical set and the chamber are used according to the user manual, you can be sure the whole experience will be pleasant and completely safe.

Making You Feel Better

Bringing you the best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and all its benefits is our paramount priority. But to do that, we need to make sure our hyperbaric chambers and their supporting units give the best user experience possible. So, we made sure to design an attractive piece of medical equipment that will satisfy all safety standards and be a tool to achieve health and well-being. Our mission is to bring hyperbaric treatment to everybody seeking health benefits and improvement that they have not yet found anywhere else. Every day, we strive to be better at our work, and now, the result is here. We have created something really magical that combines exceptional engineering, great design and has so much potential to improve people’s lives. We believe this is the smallest, most practical and the most good-looking hyperbaric system you can find on today’s market. The price displays all the thought and detail that went into the process of making it, as we have always been striving to outperform our competition to give you the best hyperbaric experience. The new vertical set is now out in the open air for you to enjoy! Why don’t you try it?

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