Blockchain technology in hyperbaric medicine


At the end of September 2018, we hosted Malcolm R. Hooper at AHA Hyperbarics’ research & development center. Mr. Hooper is a vice president of International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF) and founder of OXYMED Australia.

On the web page of his facility in Australia, OXYMED you will find the saying: “The purpose of my life is to be ‘complete’, to live in God’s Grace and Blessing, to lift the ‘Spirit of Humanity’ for myself and others. I am passionate with the vision that people of all nations will gain the opportunity to access the abundant benefits of Oxygenation – ‘the corner stone of HealthCare in the modern era’.” He personally convinced us about this. He is among the biggest enthusiasts in hyperbaric medicine and is trying to disrupt the HBOT community with his approach.

Mr. Hooper is struggling and seeking “influencers changing healthcare in the modern era”. He described AHA Hyperbarics as a pioneer in blockchain in healthcare industry. Namely, manufacturing of medical devices has forced us to use processes that are natural to blockchain technology. For example, based on the Medical Device Directive and other regulations, one needs to keep permanent records of the development, design, production and distribution of medical devices as well as all of the parts from suppliers. Once the information is submitted to a blockchain it cannot be changed, resulting in permanent traceability for every device. Through blockchain applications it’s possible to share sensitive information about users of hyperbaric chambers, their protocols. The data can be shared with the maintainers for auditing, reporting and compliance. Blockchain can also keep service records of the hyperbaric devices that are required.

Tina & Peter Kokalj, founders of AHA Hyperbarics, together with Malcolm R. Hooper, founder of OXYMED

Mr. Hooper is also an author and invited speaker at different conferences about hyperbaric medicine and HBOT around the world. He came to our office just a day after presenting his case in Dubai conference “Orthopedics 2018”. A month ago he has presented his case at 12th International Hyperbaric Medical Symposium in Denver, Colorado, USA where also our AHA chamber was presented. Among Mr. Hooper’s clients there are many athletes. Here you can find a testimony of Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players on the world about positive effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Mal. We believe we will see you soon!