Australian cyclist Minda Murray in AHA Flex chamber


In April we had a pleasure to welcome one of top Australian athletes in our AHA Hyperbarics Center in Slovenia. Minda Murray is a well-known road racing cyclist. She had a little crash on a cycling trip in Italy, and she “left a little part of herself on the road”. We invited her to a hyperbaric treatment in our AHA Flex hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

She was super excited about AHA Hyperbarics and our innovative hyperbaric chambers. All our AHA Flex chambers have namely corresponding certificated allowing their use in medicine and capable of reaching up to 200 kPa (2.0 bar, 15 psi) of pressure.

Minda mentioned, she is familiar with huge benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes, as she is. She is aware that athletes use hyperbaric therapy because it has a favorable effect on relaxation of the body, it strengthens ligaments and makes them more flexible, reduces muscle tension and fatigue, muscles regain strength etc.

She left us boosted with energy and ready for next races with her Australian cycling team.
Minda, we were very happy to have you as our guest. Hope to see you soon!