AHA Hyperbarics is proudly announcing Dejan Zavec, 5x world boxing champion as Brand Ambassador


AHA Hyperbarics named Dejan Zavec as his brand ambassador. »We share the values, we share the vision with Dejan. We all want to help people and spread the word, that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help improve quality of people’s lives,« Peter Kokalj, general manager of AHA Hyperbarics explained and he added: “With the help of Dejan and opening of his new center, we believe we can continue to make this a reality.”

Dejan Zavec is a former professional boxer and 5x world boxing champion. In his career Dejan has become aware that you cannot just push your body to the limits but it is also important to return something and reward yourself. He knows that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can make a significant change in one’s quality of life.

On 27th September Dejan Zavec opened hyperbaric center in Ptuj, Slovenia together with partners, AHA Hyperbarics GmbH. The facility offers HBOT to all interested, especially to athletes and all that want to improve general well-being.

Picture above: Dejan Zavec (left) with Tina and Peter Kokalj, founders of AHA Hyperbarics


Picture left: Dejan Zavec (right) and Peter Kokalj, general manager of AHA Hyperbarics
Picture right:  Dejan Zavec, world boxing champion, in front of his new hyperbaric center
Photo: Črtomir Goznik