AHA Hyperbarics in Mediterranean


In begining of April, we held hyperbaric and sales course for our new partner, ANDI Mediterranean.

ANDI Mediterranean is joining AHA Hyperbarics network as from April 2018 and will be responsible for sales of AHA Flex hyperbaric chambers, oxygen concentrators and all other accessories in Greece and Cyprus.

Alexandros Vournas, the manager of the company, has many experiences in diving and hyperbarics already, and as off now, he is also trained to perform installation and service of AHA Flex systems, and also to educate new users how to operate with AHA hyperbaric system.

Nevertheless, their main focus will be on building awareness about HBOT, about benefits of hyperbaric therapy and to show positive effects to as many people in Greece and Cyprus as possible.

As there are many crucial benefits, more and more people are opting for the hyperbaric chamber or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Also, more and more physicians are aware that hyperbaric chamber creates an environment where human organism can be susceptible to changes, and oxygen with pressure at 2.0 bar (200 kPa) drives those changes.

We believe in HBOT, we believe in AHA members & AHA partners, and we believe in our success. Join our journey in HBOT!

Photo (from left to right): Tina & Peter Kokalj (AHA Hyperbarics), Alexandros & Chrisa Vournas (ANDI Mediterannean)