AHA Hyperbarics chambers on SALMED 2018


SALMED is international and Poland’s largest trade fair of medical equipment where top manufacturers and suppliers of the medical market gather. This year the event is taking place in Poznan, Poland, 15-17 March 2018.

The Polish market of medical devices and instruments is very developed and AHA Hyperbarics’s position on the market is strong. We are supported with best partners and there are many AHA Hyperbarics’ clients, using AHA Flex chambers: Doktor – Specjalistyczne Gabinety LekarskieTLENmedicaThymos Komora Hiperbaryczna Radom and others.

AHA Hyperbarics, as manufacturer of innovative medical hyperbaric chambers, that are capable of reaching up to 2.0 bar of pressure, is exhibiting this year for the first time. Our partner, Meden – Inmed which is a major distributor of professional medical facilities is taking a key role here. We believe the expo will give us a great opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences and offer a chance to visitors to see and test the most sophisticated devices to perform hyperbaric oxygen treatments.