Why are more than 150 business owners happy to have discovered AHA Hyperbarics?


Hint: Diving and tigers are involved.


My name is Peter Kokalj, and together with my wife, Tina, we founded AHA Hyperbarics.

It all began from the simple desire to help people, who couldn’t find adequate solutions  for their health concerns at their doctor’s office. But we soon realised something else too… Something big that can also change your life.

And today, I’m going to show you what that is.

In this letter, you will be given the opportunity to start changing people’s lives while earning enough to finally live the life you always wanted.

You’ll do it in 8 hours a day.

You’ll do it on your own terms, making as much as you want, when you want to.

And what’s the best part – you’ll have the opportunity to leave a permanent mark in this world.

Now, I know that while the message I’m sharing with you might be intriguing, you’re likely also sceptical.

So, all I’m asking is to stay with me for two minutes while I explain who the people behind AHA Hyperbarics are and why we can help you transform into someone who can impact people’s lives and be greatly awarded for it.

Providing results that doctors don’t, keeps people coming in

AHA Hyperbarics was born out of the realisation that mainstream medicine does not have all the answers. My wife and I were passionate diving instructors, and during the wonderful diving trips and lessons, we realised that underwater pressure and oxygen have remarkable effects on people. After each dive, our trainees would notice their aches and pains were gone, and their mood was up, so we quickly learned that diving brings the relief people have been looking for in all the wrong places.

However, not everybody dives. It soon became apparent that there must be a simpler way of simulating ocean dives and their benefits. There must be something similar people could do on dry land. Something that would help them overcome fatigue, heal wounds, clear their mind, and boost their immune system.

My background in physics and engineering helped me to dive deeper and I created AHA hyperbaric chambers that take you 10 m under the surface while breathing pure oxygen. A solution that can solve problems the doctors have given up on.

Imagine all that in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

Of course, people started lining up to buy this incredible product. In the first year alone, we had more than 70 orders.

All that was amazing, but we wanted to do more. How can we get hyperbaric chambers and treatments for people who can’t afford them?

We believe everybody deserves to be healthy and receive the best possible treatment. Everybody should have the opportunity to experience the positive effect of hyperbaric treatments.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with you? You probably don’t have a health-related issue you want to be resolved. Instead, you are probably just looking for a way to take back the control of your life, own your time, make sure your family comes first and not some corporate needs. Be the captain of your own ship.

Ready to join more than 150 business owners who prove that taking care of others pays back?

You want more from life, and we need a pack of like-minded people.

Help us spread the word about the positive effects of hyperbaric treatments and reach all the people who have been left alone with unsolvable issues like diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic brain injuries, autism, long covid effects.

You can be there for burnt-out managers, exhausted parents, and stressed-out kids.

We must be there for athletes whose careers hang on the line because of an injury that regenerates too slowly.

We must be there for the elderly and disabled.

We must be there.

Now is the perfect time. Step up. Join us.


In life, we mostly rely on science. Numbers are something we can trust. But then again, some things defy logic and can only be sensed – like faith, coincidences, or zodiac, for that matter.

Maybe all of them cannot be explained scientifically, but the fact is they impact people’s lives. For example, the Chinese believe that the year of the Tiger brings wealth, and in 2022, there is indeed money to be made.

The Tiger also stands for courageous leadership, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. And there is more: this year is all about generosity, the natural ability to sympathize, and endless commitment to helping others.

We invite you to become our tigers.

Here’s what you need to do.

AHA Hyperbarics start-up support

Contact us to enter our AHA Hyperbarics start-up support. We’ll help you help people and, in return, get you on your rewarding business journey.

The programme offers:

  • Business consulting
  • ROI calculations
  • Support in finding the appropriate location
  • Hyperbaric equipment and accessories
  • Training
  • Treatment protocols
  • Warranty and check-ups
  • Marketing support

Are you ready for your new career path?



Peter Kokalj

P.S. My wife Tina was born in the year of the tiger…


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