What 2020 will bring for HBOT and AHA Hyperbarics?


Last year was a blast for AHA Hyperbarics.

We certified our new medical device at well known and accredited independent EU Notified Body. We launched AHA Flex V2, we spread the distribution network, we made a top video of our company  with an amazing team of marketing professionals and we made some new friends worldwide.

We exhibited and attended conferences in Europe and America to present how we can help people with our AHA hyperbaric chambers. At HBOT 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium end of September 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina, our CEO and CMO, Peter and Tina Kokalj, got to know the stories of veterans.

From left to right: Peter Kokalj, CEO AHA Hyperbarics, Dave Rogers, Back2life, Ed Betts, Manager AHA Hyperbarics USA, Tina Kokalj, CMO AHA Hyperbarics


They were shocked about how many veterans suffer from PTSD. Dave Rogers from back2life organization is a former US navy SEAL Combat Veteran. He is suffering from PTSD. He is now recovering from the help of HBOT and is helping other war veterans too. AHA Hyperbarics donated a hyperbaric chamber to his cause, hoping to save life.






At Annual scientific meeting on 3rd of October 2019 at Center for Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine in Croatia,  we have listened to great case studies from European experts in HBOT.

Peter Kokalj, CEO AHA Hyperbarics (on the right) with the lecturers


And what will 2020 bring for hyperbaric medicine?

From left to right, Peter Kokalj, CEO AHA Hyperbarics with partners from Mediset

Well, we can pretty much predict where AHA Hyperbarics is heading. In the beginning of this year, we have started with extensive presentations to sports clubs, coaches, physiotherapists, athletes. We are working a lot with sports industry representatives as many sports persons recognizing more and more that injuries can be healed properly, professionally and faster with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. AHA chamber was introduced to Czech football physicians, therapists and coaches in the beginning of this January.



AHA Hyperbarics: Secret weapon of athletes



Together with our partners from Mediset, we had a presentation at Zdravotni Seminar FACR 2020 at UVN, U Vojenske Nemocnie, Praha with meaningful title, The secret weapon of athletes. The presentation was given by AHA Hyperbarics CEO Peter Kokalj.






AHA Hyperbarics and TSV Prolactal Hartberg team

Just a few days before the Prague conference, we installed our AHA chamber at Austrian football club premises, TSV Prolactal Hartberg. The team is from a small city near Vienna and is fighting hard in the Austrian Bundesliga. AHA Hyperbarics is sponsoring the team in the winter / spring season 2019/2020. We are all hoping that the team will manage the injuries and gain more energy for the rest of the season.






At AHA Hyperbarics we have set some other goals. We know we have the top performance hyperbaric chamber, we can guarantee high pressure, we can guarantee the safety as AHA chamber can operate on 2.0 bar and the chamber is made of two bags plus the grid. In addition, our AHA Flex V2 chamber is certified for the medical indications: crush injuries, diabetic foot ulcer, cerebrovascular insult (CVI) – stroke, post-concussion syndrome (PCS) after mild traumatic brain injury, scleral ischemia or melt, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome and autism. The list of indications gets updated after each completed and certified research. We want the whole world to know it and experience breathing in the AHA hyperbaric chamber. We want to make people feel better.