The Metamorphosis of AHA Hyperbarics


And the day came

when the risk to remain the same

was greater than the risk to change …

It is, after all, the only hope for the cocoon

to become the butterfly.


Shiny and smooth, strong yet lightweight, a crisp white cocoon enables a silkworm to achieve its transformation. The cocoon is naturally made of three layers, providing a healthy environment for the pupa inside to evolve into a whole new being. Taking bioinspiration from the mysterious world of silkworms when designing AHA hyperbaric chambers, made our company evolve in time as well.

How diving drove us to innovation

The idea to develop innovative hyperbaric oxygen therapy technology came as a natural extension of our long careers in scuba diving, physics, engineering, and electronics.

During our diving years we acquired a great deal of respect for the magic of underwater pressure on the human body.

Sometimes, a diving trainee or a friend would apologise for not being able to go diving that day. They would complain of a migraine, the other one would feel some back pain, and there would be somebody complaining about something else. If they felt up to the challenge, we’d help them suit up and take them diving anyway.

In the end, those dives ended up being the best ones. Coming back to the surface, people jumped with joy, feeling so much better than before. No more migraines, no more aches and pains.

Even back then, we knew the many positive health effects that diving could offer and had always promoted diving for its natural healing capabilities and awe-inspiring experiences. Diving made us feel fresh and rejuvenated every time. But seeing all these people feeling themselves again made us realise we were on to something precious. And then we thought: this is an experience everybody should have. This is something we need to share with the world!

Peter Kokalj, the inventor of innovative hyperbaric chambers, delivering a diving course.

We learn, and we teach

Our learning started with diving, and it hasn’t stopped since.

We had to know why everybody felt so much better after exploring the underwater universe.

So, we dug deep into the hyperbaric world – studying physics, physiology, and hyperbaric medicine to fully understand what happens inside our bodies when we breathe oxygen under pressure.

At the same time, we started designing a hyperbaric chamber that could do what big, professional multi-place chambers do. But with one crucial difference – we wanted to make it portable. So, this was our starting point for developing our chambers. We wanted to find a solution that is as practical as other soft chambers and, at the same time, as tough as hard chambers and as capable as chambers used in hospitals. It was neither easy nor fast, but we are proud to say, “We did it.”

After much research and testing, we developed an inflatable hyperbaric chamber that can handle high pressures of 2.0 ATA (15 PSI), is safe and easy to use, and can deliver the same benefits as chambers used by medical facilities.

Today, our goal is to pass on the knowledge and experience we have acquired during all this time. We at AHA Hyperbarics wholeheartedly share what we know – not just with each other but with anyone who wants to explore the benefits of oxygen under pressure.

All future AHA Hyperbaric Chamber Operators go through a three-part course:

  • e-learning provides a complete presentation of physics, physiology, client care, equipment engineering etc.
  • online or live lecture: provides a connection between theory and practice
  • practical part: gives skills on how to operate the chamber and work with clients.

To provide the best solutions possible and stay in touch with the newest research and developments in the hyperbaric fields, we constantly look for further information, talk to professionals and listen to our clients and their experience.

Tina and Peter Kokalj, inventors and founders of AHA Hyperbarics

HBOT to everybody

We started AHA Hyperbarics to get everybody the benefits of diving on dry land. Years of research brought us to a point where we can offer a complete line of innovative hyperbaric equipment, accessories, specialised training, and know-how all encompassed in personalised AHA Solutions for wellness, sport, health, and medicine. Whether for personal or professional use, each solution is created with people’s goals in mind.

AHA Hyperbarics GmbH is now a European golden awarded manufacturer of innovative high pressure medical hyperbaric chambers. AHA hyperbaric equipment prides itself on 26 patents and important certificates, proving its exquisite quality, high performance, safety, and efficacy.

Our goal to become a leading manufacturer of innovative hyperbaric and oxygen systems is now met. But our vision to reach new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine remains. Although visionaries have sensed that hyperbaric treatments deeply affect our body even 200 years ago, not many people have had the privilege to experience the benefits of HBOT. Modern hyperbaric treatments are still widely unknown and underused.

Now, our mission is to make our own innovative and inspiring technology accessible, to share our knowledge through research, courses, and articles and to bring people the experience and benefits of hyperbaric oxygen science with portable devices.

Only now, that modern medicine can look into our bodies and better understand our cell processes, we can genuinely comprehend how important oxygen really is.

Every day, new research confirms that we are on the right path. HBOT has the potential to save lives and alleviate chronic problems that burden people every day: diabetic foot ulcer, traumatic brain injury, stroke, sports injuries, prolonged rehabilitation … The list goes on and on, but people still don’t know hyperbaric oxygen therapies exist. And those who know may not be fortunate enough to be able to use them.

The world needs more reliable, professional hyperbaric centres with certified equipment that gives results. And the world needs messengers to spread the word about these wonderful treatments that have the power to change people’s lives profoundly.

After more than 20 years of experience in the field of hyperbarics, we are trusted by many facilities and experts, and we are now proud to assist many with cutting-edge technology and the most recent discoveries that can take people to the next level.

The only mission we now still have is to make HBOT accessible to anyone who needs it and to bring complete hyper-health solutions to humanity.

Who is ready to join our quest?


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