The AHA difference


The AHA Hyperbarics GmbH is the award-winning manufacturer of high-quality innovative hyperbaric systems. We are manufacturing portable hyperbaric chambers that operate on 2.0 bar of pressure.

AHA facility

We provide only the best!

We are represent worldwide through AHA Hyperbarics subsidiaries and distributors. We are offering the complete line of hyperbaric equipment, accessories and specialized training.

Our chamber is a unique hyperbaric chamber in the world. It’s the strongest chamber of its kind on the world – designed for 3.0 ata (300 kPa) of pressure. We are using a special patented three-layer design.



AHA users feel comfortable inside the chamber

AHA chamber keeps you safe. It’s safe to use and easy to operate. We are using only high quality stainless-steel fittings. The chamber is made from strong and durable custom-built urethane material.

The AHA chamber is unique in the industry, no only due to its unmatched quality, certifications & accessories but also its unmatched performance.We can admit very good healing effects due to the high pressure and high oxygen concentration.



AHA customers report an average of:

  • 20 % better work ability
  • 70 % shorter recovery periods
  • 35 % increase in energy boost.

The AHA product is designed & purpose-built to be easy to install, operate and re-locate.  Also it is simple to operate and training is included with every sale.

AHA chamber from the inside

We offer advanced educational system: training courses for hyperbaric operators, technicians, medical personnel, …

There are seven different training courses available and you can read more about them here.

AHA also provides on-site installation by factory-trained technicians.




For more info, you are welcome to call us or send us an email to If you are attending the HBOT 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium in Charleston, USA, from 27th to 29th September 2019, you are welcome to visit our booth.