Presentation of innovative hyperbaric oxygen system in Croatia


On Saturday, 24th of March 2018, we went to beautiful seaside of Croatia. One of our AHA Hyperbarics’ Members, Ryenfeel, invited us to join them at their grand opening of their hyperbaric center, with hyperbaric chamber AHA Flex 20, in Zadar.

Photo: Tina & Peter Kokalj, managers of AHA Hyperbarics with Hermina Rajar, manager of Ryenfeel

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is more and more known all over the world. It is in use now for more than 60 years. Any disease that is ischemic (lack of tissue oxygen) in nature, or has a concurring edema (tissue or nerve swelling) will see a benefit from hyperbaric treatment.

The AHA Flex hyperbaric chambers and systems are effectively used for medical purposes but also for non-medicinal purposes, such as general health and well being, beauty. Also many sports clubs and athletes are using hyperbaric oxygen therapies to help them through tough training or just for regeneration purposes.

Ryenfeel center is equipped with top portable hyperbaric system, AHA Flex, that is capable to achieve pressure of up to 200 kPa (2,0 bar – 15 psi). The AHA Flex hyperbaric system are certified according to the MDD 93/42/EEC and are manufactured based on EN ISO 13485:2012. The system includes the hyperbaric chamber AHA Flex 2.0 with two oxygen concentrators AHA Oxy 22.

More info about Ryenfell, their contact info and other AHA Hyperbarics Members worldwide, you can find here.