Partnerships in sports

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Partnerships are in the heart of our success. Especially with athletes.

Earlier in September 2017, Dejan Zavec, 5x times worldwide boxing champion become our ambassador. Together we are spreading the awareness of positive benefits of HBOT on people’s well-being.

We are also partnering with various regional and national sports organisations, from rhythmic gymnastics, cycling, sports climbing, skiing, stunt riding, motocross racing etc. In season 2017/18 we become proud partners of Slovenian Ski Jumping National Team. We are supporting the A team with hyperbaric oxygen treatments before and after the training, during the whole season.

It is well known that HBOT has a favourable effect on relaxation of the body, on joint mobility, on flexibility of muscles, which are better prepared for workloads, HBOT strengthens ligaments and makes them more flexible, reduces muscle tension and fatigue, muscles regain strength, accelerates elimination of waste-products such as lactic acid, which causes muscle tension.

We hope we will be able to continue with our mission and help other athletes and sports to achieve their goals.