Get ready: COVID-19 is not over yet

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The pandemic is not over yet. It’s true, that daily new cases of COVID-19 are decreasing. Preventative measures are too gradually loosening up, and life seems to be going back to normal. But we saw a similar decline in the number of infected people during the past summer, soon followed by a sudden onset of additional pandemic waves with new virus variants(1). We’ve now been through almost half of the Greek alphabet, so it’s reasonable to expect further virus mutations. So, what can we do to avoid getting seriously sick?


Get in shape

Many health issues associated with a lack of physical activity — such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease — are also associated with a greater risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19. Getting in shape is thus very important. Of course, the first thing one can do is change the diet and exercise more. In addition to that, we strongly recommend regular Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) that have favourable effects on:

  • mood
  • fatigue, relaxation of mind, increased awareness of one’s own body
  • stress reduction
  • sleep
  • digestion
  • relaxation after workloads and physical activity
  • muscle tones, joints and connecting tissue, and lower muscle tension.

Boost your immune system

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment procedure that involves breathing 100 % O2 for a certain time and under a certain pressure. HBOT is commonly administrated as primary or alternative therapy for different diseases such as infections. Hyperbaric oxygen increases oxygen in our body and positively affects our immune system. That increased oxygen activates our white blood cells, which helps our body fight the infection. The other principle of increasing our immune response is creating an environment rich with oxygen that does not suit most unwanted microbes that come into our body. By increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in our cells, hyperbaric treatments accelerate healing and help cells function better. By doing so, we not only heal but also prevent certain conditions.

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What are “deltacron” and “flurona”?

The months ahead will bring further development in the whole Corona story, which could unfold in various ways. For example, in early January 2022, researchers in Cyprus (2) reported cases of COVID-19 infections containing sequences of both omicron and delta, named “deltacron.” While it may sound like a doomsday scenario, WHO stated at that time that “deltacron” is merely a result of contamination that has happened during the sequencing process.

However, a newer development (3) in this field shows that the delta-omicron hybrid variant actually exists. Some cases have been found in France, Denmark, other parts of Europe and even the USA. So far, scientists have not seen any change in the new variant’s severity compared to past variants, but many scientific studies are still underway.

When viruses make more copies of themselves inside of human cells, they make mistakes in that process – mutations – that alter their genetic code. Fortunately, most of these mutations are not beneficial to the virus, which means it could mutate to an utterly harmless variant.

“Flurona” is another possibility. It happens when an individual is infected with both the influenza virus and the Coronavirus at the same time. It is not a mutated virus that contains both genomes – it is a coincidental infection with 2 viruses at the same time. While the situation is rare, we advise you to take all preventative measures to avoid or at least lessen the effect of either virus.


Hyperbaric Oxygen can help patients with COVID-19

If infection with the Coronavirus does occur, there is hope. 5 COVID-19 positive patients were treated with HBOT (one to six treatments at 2.0 ATA, 90 minutes) during an experiment (4) in 2020. Despite receiving medication and conventional treatment, all the patients had tachypnoea (rapid breathing) and low oxygen saturation. After HBOT, all the patients recovered without the need for mechanical ventilation. Following the hyperbaric treatments, oxygen saturation increased, tachypnoea resolved, and inflammatory markers fell.

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HBOT at home

AHA Hyperbaric Solutions provides systems for home use that can be used daily to boost your immune system and get in shape. To fully experience the benefits of hyperbaric treatments, you get:

  • innovative, portable equipment (2.0 ATA pressure, 20 l/min oxygen flow, 96-100 % oxygen purity)
  • full AHA support and assistance
  • training and treatment protocols

If your health and well-being are your priority, you can no longer wait and hope to avoid getting ill in the future. Instead, take care of yourself now, and you will feel stronger, fitter, more energetic, and even younger.




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