Cerebrovascular insult (CVI) and HBOT

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HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for CVI

Cerebrovascular insult (CVI) is a sudden neurological deficit caused by disturbance of brain blood flow

The term “Cerebrovascular insult” or CVI includes both ischemic and hemorrhagic incidents. Ischemic cerebral insult is the result of a blockage caused by a blood clot which slows down or interrupts blood flow in the brain artery, which will block the transport of oxygen and glucose to the brain. Bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage will cause an increase in intracranial pressure that damages tissues and cells.

An ischemic stroke can lead to cerebral blood flow impairment, and neural injury will likely occur very fast after trauma and develop consequent risk regions surrounding the injured area. An ischemic event can result in cell death and reduced neuronal activity due to inflammation and oxidative stress caused by hypoxia – the region is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Lower levels of oxygen supply to the central neural tissue and blood vessels interrupt tissue repair and hinder the development of new synaptic connections. Ischemic strokes usually lead to physical and cognitive impairments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. The treatment of brain injuries with HBOT is used to tackle the consequent events that happen following an injury: ischemia and tissue edema, an increase of intracranial pressure, destruction of cells and metabolic and enzymatic disturbances.


HBOT has favorable outcomes for patients with neurologic injury

To include hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as recommended treatment for possible neurologic applications is the result of numerous studies and clinical trials that demonstrate the efficacy of oxygen under pressure. In order to define the benefits of HBOT for various neurologic injuries and post-stroke treatments we need to understand the mechanism of action for hyperbaric therapy related to the array of implications and functional impairments caused by stroke.

The symptoms of a stroke can be permanent or can cause long-term complications. According to specific patient cases, HBOT can prove beneficial as potential intervention for ischemic stroke injuries which lead to functional impairments. HBOT has been shown effective to promote neural recovery, to improve cognitive and executive functions, including physical abilities.


HBOT can increase tissue oxygen concentration


HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for CVI

HBOT enhances oxygenation and metabolism for brain injury recovery


HBOT is used as adjunctive treatment for brain injury with the purpose to increase oxygen levels in damaged areas to help recover blood flow and oxygen delivery to reactivate cells, salvage and reactivate the neurons. Apart from reopening occluded vessels, supplemented oxygen levels are essential for the survival of affected neural tissue.

HBOT is documented to enhance oxygenation of cells and increase cellular metabolism.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for CVI

Reducing brain edema and improving outcomes


Hyperbaric oxygen causes vasoconstriction and diminishes blood flow through the brain which can decrease intracranial pressure and cerebral edema, thus attenuating the inflammatory response.

HBOT facilitates oxygen delivery to tissues and decreases brain ischemia and hypoxia, which leads to improved neurological outcomes for patients, including life-saving effects.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for CVI

Optimizing HBOT protocols for neurological injuries


Adequate and timely HBOT sessions could minimize secondary impairment of brain tissue and restore neuronal functions for patients with neurologic injuries.

Concerning medical protocols for HBOT, the optimal levels of pressure, the recommended number of HBO sessions, frequency and duration of treatment should be discussed with a licensed medic and hyperbaric expert.

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