Anti-aging and HBOT

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for anti-aging

Slow down the normal aging process by boosting your health

Can we achieve a long, healthy, and happy life by following a specific formula? What we need and want is good health in order to enjoy our years. We want to live a long life, but not at the expense of quality when we reach the latter half of our life. Following the ages of 50-60, people will generally see a slight decline curve in the quality of life, even if their health is in good condition. What are the things that we can do to improve the regenerative quality of our body while we age chronologically?

There are many things we can do to maintain our health and achieve longevity. We should keep our body and mind in good shape. We should be mindful of what we eat. We should include sports in our daily activities. We should take time to relax and meditate. We should work on loving better and reducing stress levels.

In addition to these strategies, there is another option: hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It involves using oxygen at a high pressure to help regenerate cells. This therapy can slow down the natural aging process. So, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for ways to stay healthy and young.


HBOT can improve the body’s regenerative capacity

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for anti-aging

The biggest difference between people when it comes to aging is not the chronological age, it’s their biology.

A good health and the ability to take care and regenerate this good health is what makes people look and feel younger than their chronological age. We know that when we’re young, our system seems to heal very quickly, yet as we grow older, recovery may take up to a few months. The body’s capacity to regenerate slows down with age, thus it needs to be re-stimulated.

Growth factors and stem cells are stimulated in our growing years and the body’s capacity to heal is increased. As we age, the body has accumulated micro or macro traumas that have healed or have trouble healing properly, thus the cells’ capacity to regenerate over certain periods of time is put to a test.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for anti-aging

Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates some of the most important ingredients and processes related to the body’s regenerative capacity.

Increased oxygen levels ensure tissue capacity for healing and normal functioning or all systems. The mitochondrial function of the cell, which produces the body’s energy, also decreases as we age. If the cells see a decrease in their mitochondrial function, there’s also a decrease in energy production. As the cells produce less energy, they can perform less work. HBOT will up-regulate oxygen levels to up-regulate the mitochondrial function in order for cells to start making more energy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can stimulate the mitochondria to work more efficiently and even increase mitochondrial density. The body reacts to the increase in oxygen and it replicates the mitochondria and organelles to produce more cellular energy or ATP, the cells power bank.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for anti-aging

HBOT can develop a supporting environment for stem cell release

The body needs energy because all organic processes require energy to function within a supporting environment. Increasing the amount of oxygen will stimulate the system to generate and mobilize stem cell release from the marrow into our circulation to activate the repair mechanism responses within the body, thus to repair the natural damage caused by the normal ageing process. Supplemented oxygen levels sustain a combined effort within the body to promote healing for degenerative and chronic illnesses.

  • Accelerates healing times
  • Regenerates and improves all body functions
  • Stimulates stem cell release to repair organ damage
  • Stimulates angiogenesis (growing new blood vessels and improving tissues)
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Rejuvenates skin 

Can we reverse the aging brain?

The brain uses oxygen at a very fast rate, it can easily need supplementation. The brain is 2% of our body weight, it uses 15% of the cardiac output, it takes 20% of the overall oxygen consumption, it takes 25% to 30% of the overall glucose consumption.

Following various traumas (mild or acute traumatic brain injury), the brain will swell (inflammation) and the injured tissue will not receive adequate oxygen supply when and where it needs it the most. HBOT sends oxygen into the cerebrospinal fluid, which carries it to the brain to allow healing.

HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for anti-aging

Extra oxygen levels are the secret to healing the brain

  • Stimulate the activity of mitochondria to provide energy
  • Stem cells are released and migrate to brain injury sites
  • New blood vessels are created in the brain
  • Blood flow is increased
  • Supplemented oxygen levels decrease inflammation



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