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The synergy of HBOT and Physiotherapy

Holistic recovery: Combining HBOT and Physiotherapy


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Unlock the amazing power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is defined as a medical treatment that involves 3 elementary components:

  • inhaling at least 95% medical grade oxygen
  • at pressures at least 1.6 ata and up to 3.0 ata
  • in a hyperbaric chamber officially certified for pure oxygen and high pressures.

All three elements are necessary to deliver hyperbaric oxygen treatments that reliably address various medical conditions or improve overall health. Hyperbaric chambers are therefor highly powerful devices and only a select few manufacturers in the world are capable of producing them.

AHA Hyperbarics solutions are the only inflatable HBOT chambers worldwide that can deliver highly effective treatments. AHA Hyperbaric Medical System designed for medical HBOT has been certified for seven different medical conditions, making them a trusted choice for medical professionals and patients alike.

AHA Hyperbarics systems are turnkey, customizable, and highly efficient innovations that guarantee the highest quality, safety, and ergonomics when delivering HBOT treatments. Whether utilized in a medical or wellness facility or at home, these devices provide optimal conditions for effective HBOT.



AHA Hyperbaric chambers are the only inflatable hyperbaric systems worldwide that can deliver highly effective and safe HBOT.

AHA Hyperbarics - Home System


Our award-winning, patented design ensures optimal chamber pressure needed for HBOT. With a durable custom membrane, internal grid structure, and high-quality fittings, our chambers cater to diverse non-medical and medical HBOT objectives. AHA Hyperbaric Systems are renowned for efficiency, premium quality, and advanced functionalities, offering customizable HBOT protocols tailored to our clients’ needs.

AHA Hyperbaric systems provide unique and exceptional experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in medical and wellness facilities or at home.

We are one of the few HBOT innovators in the world that can guarantee the highest quality of HBOT technologies and trainings. Certified for seven medical indications our medical systems meet stringent EU quality standards. Our certifications are public and accessible for you to review.


AHA Oxygen Concentrator


AHA Oxygen Concentrator concentrates oxygen up to remarkable 96% purity (93% ± 3%) at 3.2 ata, utilizing pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. This advanced technology enables the extraction of oxygen from the atmosphere, providing a highly concentrated oxygen source suitable for a wide range of applications. The device offers versatility and reliability, ensuring optimal, user-friendly and cost-efficient pure oxygen delivery.

The AHA Oxygen Concentrator is designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety, ensuring compliance with strict quality regulations.


AHA Oxygen Workout
AHA Oxygen Workout


AHA Oxygen Workout is a unique EWOT system designed to increase the intake of high levels of oxygen during exercise, resulting in improved oxygen circulation, restored blood flow throughout the body, and increased production of ATP – the cell’s fuel source.

Our highly effective training system can help you enhance your physical performance and achieve your fitness goals by providing your body with a higher level of oxygen during exercise.


AHA Hyperbarics

We empower all our clients with the skills for safe and effective HBOT delivery.

With comprehensive training and certification services enable clients to confidently and professionally deliver HBOT treatments using AHA Hyperbarics devices.

Our team of renowned hyperbaric experts will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to use our powerful AHA Hyperbaric Chambers properly and safely in order to achieve the desired effectiveness of HBOT treatments.


Not sure where to start?
Learn to identify a truly effective hyperbaric chamber

Learn how to recognize if a hyperbaric system truly generates at least 95% medical-grade oxygen at pressures of at least 1.6 ata and if the manufacturer has indeed obtained all the necessary certificates.

Only a select few manufacturers in the world are capable and have all the necessary certificates for producing hyperbaric systems that are highly efficient and effective. As this technology becomes more popular and widely adopted, there is a risk of being misled by invalid products or improper usage of hyperbaric chambers.


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Invest in on of the most effective and safe hyperbaric solutions in the world

At AHA Hyperbarics, we understand that our clients seek turn-key, reliable, and safe HBOT solutions designed specifically for their requirements. That’s why we specialize in crafting custom AHA Hyperbaric Solutions for each of our clients. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, durable, and powerful HBOT systems that meet your unique needs, ensuring an optimal experience and effective treatment.

Start your transformative AHA journey to HBOT today:

AHA Hyperbaric system for medical HBOT
AHA Hyperbaric Medical System - CE01234

Medical System

Our certified devices meet all necessary standards for safe and effective use in medical settings, distinguishing it as a leading choice among hyperbaric chambers worldwide.

AHA Hyperbaric system for non-medical HBOT
AHA Wellness or Home system - Fit

Wellness System

This unique system has 26 patented solutions that contribute to unparalleled experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy: both for the chamber operator as well as the end (treatment) user.

Key HBOT element: Pure oxygen
AHA Oxygen Concentrator


Innovative AHA Oxygen Concentrator is a game-changer in the realm of oxygen delivery systems. Unparalleled in its performance, this cutting-edge device sets a new standard for oxygen purity, high pressures, durability, and strength.

Add HBOT to your excercise
AHA Oxygen Workout

Oxygen Workout

AHA Oxygen Workout can revitalize your body and mind in just 15 minutes of your favorite workout routine. Small and portable, this innovative system boasts incredible strength, built to withstand your active lifestyle.

Discover the magic of HBOT:
Simple, natural and non-invasive therapy



AHA Hyperbarics systems have 6 incredible general HBOT effects on your body:

  • It is a vasoconstrictor. It therefore reduces oedema or swelling.
  • It promotes neovascularization. When oxygen levels are increased fibroblasts divide, producing more collagen and new capillaries (neovascularization).
  • It enhances the white blood cells‘ killing power and activity.
  • It kills anaerobic bacteria. It is effective in fighting many infections and is bacteriostatic against anaerobes and stops exotoxin production.
  • It promotes faster healing of the “white tissue”. That is tissue that heals the slowest, because it has the least blood supply in the body. Tendons, ligaments, meniscus in the joints, spinal discs, bones and even brain tissues are all capillary deficient and each exhibit more rapid repair.
  • It regenerates damaged nervous system cells. It neutralizes the toxic cellular by-products and can return damaged neurons to prior activity.


With HBOT you will oxygenate your body, increasing the vitality of body and mind

When the body is exposed to pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber, the higher amount of pressure and the amount of pure oxygen allows the absorption of a much greater level of oxygen than breathing the air at regular atmospheric pressure.

The effects of pure oxygen on our immune system: White blood cell activation, neutrophil and macrophage production, antimicrobial or almost antibiotic effect (especially for anaerobic pathogens), oxygen helps to break down bacteria biofilms and creates a favorable medium in the microbiome for the development of good bacteria (probiotics).


HBOT Science: AHA Hyperbarics Solutions for health and vitality

AHA Hyperbarics Chamber

Maximize HBOT effectiveness: Master pressure and oxygen dosing

The term hyperbaric denotes a pressure that is higher than that in the normal atmosphere. Delivering pure oxygen under pressure higher than atmospheric pressure at sea level is the general understanding of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The oxygen delivered at this pressure increases arterial and tissue oxygen tension to improve cellular oxygen supply by raising the oxygen diffusion gradient (double to triple), thus having anti-ischemic effect. High pressure also kills harmful bacteria, HBO2 is bactericidal for anaerobes and bacteriostatic for aerobe bacteria.



AHA® Hyperbarics: European golden awarded manufacturer of premium hyperbaric devices

We are industry pioneers in the development and manufacturing of portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy equipment and accessories. Our technology is based on theoretical and technical experience acquired in underwater diving, engineering and the field of hyperbaric medicine for over two decades.

AHA Hyperbarics’ Medical Systems meet the strictest EU quality standards and regulations. Certifications for our medical hyperbaric systems are issued by the German accredited notified body TÜV SÜD (identification nr. 0123). All products are produced according to quality management system EN ISO 13485:2016


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